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My first food blog…

So, this is my first post! On my food blog! At long last, it took me long enough to get around to it and now, even if I am the only person that reads this I can at least be happy that I did it.

So, on this I intend to chatter about my culinary meanderings in London, post recipes (if they’re mine), post my food pics and talk about where I’ve eaten out. I may dip in and out of my cook book collection (now > 100 and climbing) and review my new foodie purchases. I hope to talk about food that I will eat on future travels and perhaps reminisce on food that I have had when I was away before. I may pay hommage to the various wonderful food blogs that I follow – favourites being: 101 Cookbooks, La Tartine Gourmande, Mahanandi, The Travellers Lunchbox, and so many more…

I am not sure where to start. Perhaps a recipe. Watch this space…

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I like food. I like to make food. Eat food. Photograph food. Write about food. Mainly in London but when I am lucky or organised further afield.


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