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Some amateur cheesemaking – homemade paneer


Paneer Making -collage

With Sabras closing recently we have been deprived of their mutter paneer. It’s been a while since we made Indian food so I decided that I would make some paneer last night and follow up with mutter paneer tonight. I am lactose intolerant so can’t have cows milk, but this usually isn’t a problem for paneer making as living in London and so I can get my hands on buffalo milk quite easily. Well, I could, until Waitrose stopped selling it. So, it had to be goat’s milk which isn’t my favourite but it will do. Next time I’ll have to plan it and get some buffalo milk at the farmers market.


It’s very easy to make paneer. All you do is boil some milk, reduce the heat and add something acidic to separate the curds and whey – white vinegar, lemon or lime juice will do, and then press out the excess moisture. I had a lime to hand last night so I used lime juice, roughly, a couple of tablespoons for a litre of milk. Once you add the lime juice/lemon juice/vinegar you will notice that the curds and whey start to separate immediately. If they don’t seem to be seperating add more of your lime juice/lemon juice/vinegar. Give it about 5 minutes, stirring so it doesn’t stick or burn and the curds will get bigger and the whey will get clearer. After the 5 minutes or so are up, strain through some muslin or cheesecloth to separate the curds. You can suspend your ball of paneer in waiting from the tap or I usually just put mine in a sieve suspended over an empty pot. Leave it for about half an hour or so to cool down and drip then squeeze the excess liquid out. I place a weight on it (a jar of beans and a saucer) at this point for an hour or so and then it’s ready to refrigerate. Easy peasy!





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  1. eatlikeagirl says

    If I can’t buy the cheese I’ll make the cheese ;-)

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  3. gauthier says

    “If I can’t buy the cheese I’ll make the cheese ” It is exactly what I thought. I went through google to find out a recipe and I found this wonderful blog…..

  4. different Adam says

    I thought My cheese was a disaster but your pics helped me out a bunch.

    My cheese is fine.
    I love your site, and I’m a U.S. Ex-pat in Canada who loves food.

    I have started baking breads recipes from around the world if I run into something new and exceptional I”ll be sure to pass it on.

    Thank you,
    Different Adam

  5. Hello Different Adam. Assume that’s your name as another Adam commented before you? :)

    Delighted to be of assistance and thanks for the compliments. Please do pass anything on!

  6. Donna says

    Gauthier, Just to let u know paneer won’t melt like cheese. It retains it shape. There is no bacterial ageing in paneer. It is milk that has been separated using some sort of acidic ingredient like lime juice or vinegar. So for example making a pizza using paneer might not turn out to be what you expect.

    However that doesn’t mean its not delicious. U have to do stuff to it though to get flavour like make a sauce or some sort of accompaniment. It’s great for someone who is a vegetarian (but has dairy products).

    Anywho just thought i’d warn ya before u try it out. Hopefully u get this before attempting:P

  7. CHINNI'S says

    wow it’s too yummy surely i’ll try this to make rasgulla sweet thx uuuuuuuu…….[:)]

  8. Sherie says

    I made mine with lemon juice and the resulting liquid was a mild milk and lemon flavor. I kept the liquid and used it in teas and even drank it alone. It’s pretty yummy and easy on my stomach.

  9. very interesting. I’ve been wanting to make cheese and this does look interesting. So I’m wondering, since it doesn’t melt, do you just chop it up and put it in
    salads and sandwiches?

  10. Teenz says

    Excellent recipe! I have tried making paneer once and while it tasted good, I couldn’t get it to firm up and cut in cubes. Instead, it looked more like scrambled eggs. It didn’t matter though as I sauteed diced onions with mustard seeds and cumin powder, and then added peas, sweetcorn and the paneer. It tasted great.
    BTW good luck on your cooking classes. I am eagerly awaiting the home cheesemaking class.

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