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Ode to a sausage roll!

A Ginger Pig sausage roll to be precise. I popped in to the Ginger Pig on Moxon St, Marylebone on one of my recent trips to the Sunday farmer’s market. It’s a wonderful old-school butchers and their pies and sausage rolls always looked amazing. So, I had to have one. At £3 a pop they seem pricey, but really, I could barely eat one by myself! They are huge and packed with juicy sausage meat, so intensely flavoursome with loads of pork fat. The pastry is crisp and buttery, really beautiful. It’s an indulgence! Try one some time :)

The Ginger Pig, Borough Market, London SE1 and 8-10 Moxon Street, London W1



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  1. supercharz says

    I first came across sausage rolls in my high school canteen back in Hong Kong…yum. They also did some smashing samosas and spring rolls.
    To my amusement, today I saw a sausage roll that basically had the entire sausage in, not all minced up and freeform like most sausage rolls I’ve known!

  2. The Ginger Pig sausage rolls are the nicest ever! They also sell them at Borough Market, and they are much nicer hot

  3. Supercharz – I believe these are pastry versions of pigs in blanekts, the ginger pig were selling these at Covent Garden Night Market. They do look a little funny but I am sure are delicious!

    Dan – mine was hot, luckily, and I ate it with haste on the street. Yum. I love Borough Market, it’s such a fantastic way to spend a Staurday.

  4. Now THAT’S what I call a sausage roll… Looks absolutely amazing and well worth a trip to the Ginger Pig. I’m already in love with their bacon…

  5. Jeanne, that *is* a sausage roll. And none others can use that name now that I have found it! I plan to go there more frequently for my supplies. There’s no looking back now…

  6. Oh my! I’m drooling over the screen! they sound so delicious! I’ve not had a decent sausage roll in ages, wish they were nearer but fear my waistline would suffer :-)

  7. WOW that looks fantastic, i’ve heard so much about them everyone mentions them on twitter! looks even better than a Drake & Macefield sausage roll

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