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What is everyone else doing?

I participated in my first DMBLGIT competition, run at Spittoon Extra. The winners were fantastic and well deserved, an inspiration really.

Running with Tweezers has run a Summer Soup Challenge. There’s some beautiful entries (54 in all). I will definitely be trying some, particularly, confetti gazpacho at Kalyn’s Kitchen, an Asian spin on Matzoh Ball Soup from Arfi at HomeMadeS and Married with Dinner‘s Watermelon Gazpacho.

Heidi at 101 Cookbooks has posted a recipe for amazing looking vegetarian lentil burgers that is begging to be tried.

Haalo at Cook Almost Anything published a recipe for Ajo Blanco, a white gazpacho made with almonds, bread and garlic that I sought out in Spain and that I am very keen to try and make. It was published in March but I only found it recently through Becks & Posh who raved about it.

Ever have leftover egg whites? I did after recent making carbonara. David Lebowitz has published several recipes for using them, including a favourite, macarons.

At Eat my Globe, a foodies journey through middle age, Hermanos 1 has been to Hong Kong. It’s the kind of trip that I have always wanted to do so I am living it through him. I’ll do it eventually… I’ve mad a promise to myself.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande has made a beautiful amaranth, quinoa & dark chocolate cake – it’s got to be healthy, right?!



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  1. Hi Jeanne. Would love to but I really didn’t cook that much in August and I am not sure that I have anything that’s up to standard. I’ll take a look and submit something :)

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