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A decadent Saturday – Selfridge’s Oyster Bar

My sister and her fiancée were visiting this past weekend and we wanted to do something nice. We ended up being extremely decadent indeed, starting in the morning at Ladurée in Harrod’s, moving onto the Oyster & Champagne Bar in Selfridge’s for smoked salmon and champagne and finishing with a beautiful Japanese meal in Sushi-Say in Willesden. It was more decadent than I have ever been in my life, I really must make more of a habit of these little treats. Occasionally, of course ;)

I am going to talk about Sushi-Say in it’s own post later as it deservss it’s own space and I have a few pictures of the beautiful food to share. I only had macarons in Ladurée and I’ve done that before so we’ll get back to that at another time. For now, I want to talk about the smoked salmon in Selfridge’s.

I have passed by the Oyster and Champagne bar in the Selfridge’s Food Hall countless times but it never appealed to me, it seems quite clinical thrown to the side of the cheese counter and, I’ve always thought that if I am going to be decadent it would be nicer to do it in better surroundings. My visitors really wanted to try some Oysters, however, and we were going to Selfridge’s anyway so it seemed like a good option for a quick stop. So, in we went and perused the menu. The smoked salmon looked great so we got that and some blue prawn salad. Also, some oysters, although I didn’t have any.

The smoked salmon was from Frank Hederman’s Belvelly Smokehouse
in Cobh, Cork (Ireland). I have heard about his smoked eel, it’s supposed to be beautiful and as there was no eel I had to have some of the salmon. It has got great credentials, they’re affiliated with the Slow Food Movement in Ireland, have been featured in the NY Times, Bridgestone Guides, Rick Stein’s Food Heroes and they supply Rick Stein & Ballymaloe among others.

I ordered the small plate (£9.50) which consisted of salmon, shallots, lightly dressed cos salad leaves, capers and lemon. It’s sliced off the side of salmon to order. It was divine. The texture was beautiful, not atall slimy like some cheaper mass produced smoked salmon can be. It was really peaty too, it was the most beautiful flavour. I woke up on Sunday morning wanting more.

It was the star of the show. The prawns were very nice, very fresh and well cooked but very expensive with 3 and salad for about £9. But, if you like prawns you’ll love it. The oysters were also good, but we all left talking about that salmon.

I will be going back for more, and next time I am in Cork I will be going to check out their stall in the English Market.

More information (and link to PDF menu) on the Selfridge’s site.

Frank Hederman’s website.



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  1. Both dishes look beautiful.

    There was an interesting article in the Observer Food Monthly this week about restaurant architecture and they mentioned Selfridges – will see if it’s online.

  2. Hi Ginger. Yeah, they were delicious. I have the food monthly at home but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Will check it out this evening :-)

  3. Well done on the decadence – living the high life every so often keeps us all sane. Great idea for a special treat for special guests.

  4. Thanks Jeena.

    Hi Annemarie. I want to go back for more. My sister has since bought some in Ireland along with some Ballymaloe goodies at the farmer’s market. I am very jealous.

    I think I can justify another decadent trip after a crazy September.

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