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Other people’s food

I’ve been at home for my sister’s wedding – wonderful day and a lovely break. The food was beautiful and mainly locally sourced which is impressive in these times – local beef & fish. I also got to visit the local farmer’s market which I’ll blog about soon.

Clonea Strand, Dungarvan – I grew up 5 minutes from this beach and the wedding reception was held here.

For today, as I haven’t been cooking, I thought that I’d trawl my favourite blogs and see what they’ve been doing.

Lara at Cook & Eat gets another mention for her beautiful food photography and what looks like a fantastic recipe. This time she’s made Crispy Risotto Cheese Balls.

Orchidea at Viaggi & Sapori made a lovely Risotto di zucca con pancetta croccante.

Lolo, at VeganYumYum made yummy vegan aloo paratha’s, great for a lactose intolerant girl like me :-)

Melissa, at the Traveller’s Lunchbox, made some gorgeous looking Autumn Trifles with Spice-Roasted Apples, Pears, and Pumpkin-Caramel Sauce.

Ximena at Lobstersquad has made a recipe from 1080 recipes that I was eyeing up to make last night, but I was tired and lazy – Macarrones con chorizo. Must be something in the air. Looks great.

Food meets technology? Excellent. How to charge an ipod with an onion – youtube, found via The Scent of Green Banana’s.



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  1. Thanks Akeminyx, it’s a great spot. It was very, very cold but there was beautiful, crisp, November light.

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