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Kinvara Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Salad

One of the things that struck me on my recent trip home to Ireland and the Burren, was how fantastically fresh and delicious the seafood was. This is to be expected, as it’s on Galway Bay, however, for an island, surprisingly, lots of Irish people don’t eat fish all that much. I, for one, didn’t really start eating fish until well into my 20’s, and while living in London!

Kinvara itself, is well known for the award winning Kinvara smoked salmon. A small family run business, their organic irish salmon is smoked using age old, smoking techniques over a combination of oak and beech wood, in (to use their words) a state of the art HACCP approved Smokehouse. The salmon is sourced from their salmon farm, Clare Island Seafarm Cooperative, the only organic salmon farm in Ireland (certified organic by IOFGA), 4 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The salmon are fed on the by products of herring and mackerel and ground up crustacean shells. This lends their flesh a deep colour – it is not chosen from a selection of dyes as the colour of other farmed salmon can be. The high water movement in the Atlantic, generates strong currents compelling the salmon to swim like their wild counterparts, resulting in a flesh that is firm with a firm texture and lower fat content.

So, what of the salmon taste? I loved it, for me for what I’ve tried, it is second only to Frank Hedermans organic smoked salmon from the Belvelly smokehouse. Nigel Slater is a fan, and was quoted some years ago as saying “…the best I have eaten this year was a gently smoked fish from Kinvara.” I’d urge you to try it if you can, it is widely available in Ireland and in the UK in Waitrose, Fresh and Wild and Selfridges food hall.




  1. stickyfingers says

    Isn’t Galway smoked salmon reputed to be the best in the world? The salmon here (Australia) is pretty good too now. I can’t resist it, along with our smoked trout and Barramundi.

  2. Good grief, that salmon looks good! If the taste is anywhere near as good as that lovely colour, I think I may be in love…

  3. Hi there stickyfingers, I hadn’t heard that but it wouldn’t surprise me.I also love smoked trout but have yet to try smoked barramundi. Sounds delicious.

    Jeanne, it was very, very good. I would highly recommend a trip to Selfridge’s to sample this or the Frank Hederman organic salmon at the Oyster and Champagne Bar.

  4. Melissa says

    On a recent trip from my homeland in Australia to Ireland I also fell in love with Irish smoked salmon…. I don’t like the Australian product – I feel it is too oily and fishy in flavour, but the Irish smoked salmon was to die for! Light and not at all oily with a beautiful delicate flavour. Far superior to our one, in my opinion.

  5. Hi Melissa, I’ve yet to try the Australian one, so can’t comment, but I very much like out irish one. I wonder what the difference are/where they come from? Is it the fish or the smoking technique?

  6. Melissa says

    As far as I’m aware, you can get wild and farmed smoked salmon in Australia, and they both taste bad to me, although a lot of other people seem to enjoy them. The salmon usually comes from Tasmania, and I suspect that it’s probably a combination of both the fish type and the smoking (not sure about hot/cold techniques or wood types used in Aus?)that causes the strong flavour and oily texture. Anyway, I see you’re enjoying the Irish product! :)

  7. Hi Melissa! I don’t enjoy oily smoked salmon, I’ve had it before and the texture is too slimy. I am loving Frank Hederman’s irish smoked salmon – so good. If ou ever get a chance do try it.

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  9. I also hate the oily smoked salmon. I prefer the double smoked and Indian Candy (Brown sugar on top – very good).
    Does anyone prefer the double smoked salmon to the lightly smoked (almost Sushi)?

  10. Hi David, I am afraid I don’t know how much it costs in Australia. I like both, but my favourite of all so far is above.

  11. Australia (Tasmaniasn) Smoked salmon cost about AUD$30 kilo. For non oily top quality smoked that chefs across the world choose this is the one.

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