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Braised sausages with Potatoes & Puy Lentils

Braised sausages with Potatoes & Puy Lentils

Braised sausages with potatoes & puy lentils is one of my favourite comfort dishes, especially for dark dreary, wet evenings. Lentils, for me, are wonderful anyway, bursting with flavour and so savoury. When you combine them with a good stock, potatoes, onion, good pork sausages and accompany the dish with a full bodied glass of red wine, there’s no better counter to a March evening like we had last night.

I rarely measure anything for this dish, I normally do it by eye, but I thought that it was about time that I started participating in the food blogosphere so I’ve weighed everything and am entering this in Cooksister’s Waiter, there’s something in my… pulses!.



400g good pork sausages
1 large onion
200g small potatoes like charlotte, washed and quartered
100g puy lentils
1l good chicken stock
olive oil


Cut the onion into halves and slice thinly.
Sauté in some olive oil in a large frying pan (skillet) until golden, about 5 minutes.
Add the sausages to the onions and brown on all sides.
Add the stock, potatoes and lentils and braise for 20 minutes, by then the sausages will be cooked and will have a lovely texture from braising in the stock. The potatoes will have absorbed the flavours and you should have a nice thick gravy.



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  1. This looks amazing! I was just thinking today about different things I could do with lentils. I’ll add this dish to the list.

  2. Oh nice, and doubly nice because I am watching my cholestrol and trying to shed some pounds.

    Would you serve a salad with it? Or after it? Maybe watercress and apple or orange?

    Followed by something red – a strawberry mousse or spongecake.

    Not a good idea to read food blogs when you are hungry!!

  3. Karen says

    As a long term hater of lentils, even I have to admit that you’ve made a delicious looking dish – I might even try it!

  4. Hi Greg – thanks! It’s so simple but full of flavour. Enjoy.

    Jo – I don’t know how helpful sausages would be as they can be quite fatty butbetter than red meat I guess. I just had it on it’s own but a watercress salad might be a nice accompaniment. Dessert is always a good idea!

    Karen – wow! That’s something from a lentil-phobic! Do, and let me know how it goes. Bet you don’t though ;-)

    Dynagrrl – thanks! Enjoy.

    Mike – haha! I barely have a room myself at the moment having just moved yesterday. Thank you very much for the compliment, although such dishes as above pale in comparison to Trig’s wonderful cooking.

  5. scotchcart says

    I am going to try this these week. I love corolle new potatoes sold by The Coop, I live lentils and I like good sausages.

    I think I deserve. I have stayed in all week watching the Zim election and eating nuts. This has to be better!

    With good salads it seems fair.

  6. Hello there! I must try those potatoes, sound good.

    Absolutely – go for it, indulge and down it all with a gorgeous bottle of wine :)

  7. scotchcart says

    Ah, I went in to my deli, Much-A-Do if you live out MK or Bedford way, to get some good sausages. They had tins of Borlotti Beans that seemed cheap at 60p (I am not good on prices) so I had an instant change of plan. I asked them to recommend some sausage to go with the beans.

    Napoli pepe and finocchio from Carnevale. Pork with chilli and fennel.

    And I used charlotte potatoes as recommended as there were no corolle.

    Lovely. Thank you.

    Oh I might as well plug Much-A-Do. They have a coffee shop too where you can get freshly prepared light meals. Today I had salmon potato cakes and salad, followed by coffee and cake. Heaven. I can’t believe I live in a place which has such a good deli. They are happy to advise too. You can’t ask for more.

  8. Oh – that sounds delicious. I love fennel sausages. Glad you liked it!

    Sounds great although not near me here in London. If, however, I am ever out there I will be sure to call in :-)

  9. OMG, why have I never made this before?!? The photo already had me drooling as it features pretty much ALL of my favourite comfort foods – potatoes, sausages and lentils. Aaaaargh, starving now! Thanks for a fantastic contribution to WTSIM – roundup should appear tonight, I hope.

  10. Lol – thanks Jeanne. It’s perfect for this snowy cold weather. I must be psychic ;-)

  11. mrsB says

    Mmmm, this looks delicious! I never thought of combining potatoes with puy lentils and sausages. We normally cook them with tinned plum tomatoes, bay leaves and chorizo. I’ll have to give your recipe a go next time I buy some Newmarket sausages.

  12. Thanks mrsB! It works well although I have used chorizo also and it’s delicious too. Enjoy.

  13. Now that looks and sounds fantastic and I love Puy Lentils as an ever ready ingredient, will be trying it with Paganum Classic Pork Sausages this week. ;-)

  14. I just cooked this and it was superb.. thanks so much for the inspiration

    added a few touches…

    when the onions were cooked down i added some fennel seeds and tomato puree and cooked it further to got them really sticky and dark… also added a few crushed garlic cloves and thyme..

    also finished it in the oven so some of the potatoes crisped and threw a handful of fresh parsley on when it was done.

    can’t wait to eat this again!

  15. Diane says

    This looks wonderful. I’ve only just learned of the existence of Puy lentils and found your recipe as I was poking around for an online source for them here in the States. Assuming that I find them somewhere — do I soak them before they go into this recipe??

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