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London Restaurant Week

Two fools – me and my winning photo

Following a tough week last week, packing and moving once more, this week has started on a fine note. One of my photos (Rhubarb Fool) was chosen to be exhibited at the launch party for London Restaurant Week last night along with food photos from celebrities (Amy Winehouse, Jodie Harsh, Jean Christophe Novelli to name a few) and members of the public like myself. I was invited, and with a friend attended, quite excited at the prospect of attending such a high profile event.

The champagne flowed and lovely small bites were provided, I indulged in the Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and Green Peas and the Fish & Chips – greedy as I am, fear not, they were mini portions. I wolfed it down so quickly, I forgot to take a photo, which frankly, is unheard of. This was followed by a mini chocolate pudding and knickerbocker glory, delicious, and I do have photos of these :-)

All the while, there was much people watching and speculation, always fun. After a couple of hours, Jean Christophe Novelli took the floor and gave a speech, thanking everyone for attending and supporting the event. Then came the time to announce the winner of the photography competition. I wasn’t paying much heed as, really, the other photos were fantastic, so I continued to drink my champagne and nibble. Imagine my shock and surprise when he called out my name! So exciting.

So, here I am, the proud winner, with a fantastic prize: a dinner for two at a michelin starred restaurant. I really can’t wait to indulge. And indulge further I will, for those of you that don’t know of it, London Restaurant Week (actually two weeks this year) is an opportunity to eat at up to 100 of London’s leading restaurants for much less than normal. This list includes no less than 10 michelin starred restaurants. These 100 restaurants include some I’ve been really keen to try: Lindsay House, Bentley’s Bar & Grill, Tamarind, Quilon & The Cinnamon Club. Added to this, a charity benefits, lastminute.com has partnered for the second year running with Capital 95.8’s Help a London Child and 20p from each booking will be donated to the charity. It starts on the 14th April, but you can book now, so, get in there early and make the most of it! I will be. More on http://www.londonrestaurantweek.co.uk.

I’ll leave you with a very cheesy pic of me & Mr Novelli. Haha! What a nice man! Really charming and friendly, even with people like me approaching him with my little camera in hand looking for a photo :-)

Thanks to Sophie and all the guys from lastminute.com for organising a wonderful and fun party, and, of course, for my lovely prize!




  1. Trevor says

    Congratulations on winning.

    I was also at the launch party. I was one of the other 10 (non-celeb) winners from lastminute.com to have my photo exhibited. Mine were the Chelsea buns in the far left corner. I also have to agree that Jean-Christophe and all the other celebs were very friendly. Chatting to Nancy Lam made me realise that she is just as ‘barking mad’ in real life as she is on the television.

  2. Vicky says

    hi niamh, cool photos of london restaurant week, looking forward to Waterford Festival of Food in Dungarvan next week, Pig Race down Mary Street sounds like some fun!!
    Luv your blog.

  3. I’m around in London during the first week of LRW, just in case you find yourself with a spare meal ticket and nobody to eat with. Lol.

  4. Thanks lavenderbakery.

    Louise! Long time no see, hope you are well. Viva Rhubarb indeed :-)

    Trevor – I really liked your photograph! Have you got a food blog?

    Vicky – another long time no see :-) Thanks!
    I was wondering who the girl from Dungarvan that had recommended me could possibly be. I would love to go home for that food festival but I don’t think I can. I would love to see Richard Corrigan & Darina Allen give demonstrations in Dungarvan Town Hall! As for the pig race – gutted to miss it!

    Trig – Lol. Unfortunately I am away too, well for most of the first week anyway. Hope you get to some of it :-)

  5. Wow, Niamh! Congratulations, that’s brilliant. It is a great photograph, most definitely worthy of the prize :)

  6. Wow, congratulations! I was snooping around the venue beforehand as I was interviewing Novelli… but I didn’t see your photo!? :( I would have stayed if I’d known! But alas I didn’t know anyone there so didn’t stick around… haha.

  7. Thanks Ginger & Charmaine :-)

    Charmaine – it was in the hall as you came in to The Hospital. Shame you didn’t stick around, it was lots of fun. I am a bit jealous of you interviewing Novelli!!

    I am going to Quilon. Chosen for me but it’s somewhere I really want to go.

  8. Trevor says

    Hi Niamh, Unfortunately I do not have a blog. I will look into uploading my photos somewhere when I have a few minutes.

  9. Dee says

    Hi Niamh, Delighted you won that fantastic prize, well deserved. Looking forward to you blogging all about it. I reckon it might be the closest I will ever get to experiencing Michelin dining.

  10. John P says

    Utterly amazing Niamh. I KNEW this’d happen eventually (no, I didn’t. Well, I did, since you’re brilliant at everything you do). Absolutely fantastically happy for you.

  11. Congratulations, what a buzz! Considering the number of lovely shots I seen you have on Flickr, not really a surprise though. I hope you write a post on Quilon, so that I can live vicariously through your experience from the other end of the globe.

  12. Dee – thanks! I’ll hopefully catch up with yuou in Cork sometime soon and tell you all about it! Hope you are well.

    Awh – cheers John :-)

    Stickyfingers – thanks. I am quite excited about my prize, Very much looking forward to it and shall certainly blog about it!

  13. Hi Niamh

    Congrats! Beautiful winning photo, as to be expected…I hope you like Quilon. I went three years ago, way before its Michelin star. You’ll no doubt be posting about your dinner!

    Helen Yuet Ling

  14. Thanks foodieguide – that’s very sweet of you! I am very much looking forward to it and shall certainly post.

    Becky – thanks. Lovely of you to stop by!.

  15. Joan Power says

    Just recieved an email from JP telling me about your fantastic win. Well done girleen, that prize couldn’t have gone to a more appreciative foodie…..Are you in Dungarvan next week for the food festival?

  16. Thanks Joan! Not in Dungarvan although would have loved to have made it home for it. Next year! Hope you’re well.

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  18. Thanks! It was a great night, lots of fun and now a lovely meal to look forward to..

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