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Smoked Salmon, Watercress & Potato Hash

This morning called for a speedy brunch prior to the rest of what promises to be a hectic day. Something of sustenance that can be made from what resides in the fridge, I simply couldn’t face getting out of my pj’s and accepting that my Sunday morning was over. Healthy would be good too although not too much so, it’s my indulgent Sunday morning afterall.

I settled on a delicious Smoked Salmon, Watercress & Potato Hash using charlotte potatoes, boiled, sliced and fried in olive oil. To accompany this some gorgeous Frank Hederman smoked salmon and a handful of chopped farmer’s market watercress. I added the salmon and watercress off the heat so that it wouldn’t cook.

You could tart this up by first of all marinading the smoked salmon in some cream, or adding some cream cheese on the side, but for me, this morning, it was perfect.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. This looks really good, I like the combination of smoked salmon and watercress and I imagine the potatoes added another interesting texture. Perfect lazy food :)

  2. Heather says

    Can vouch for the Frank Hederman smoked salmon – it is amazing!!

  3. This looks so tasty I might cry. It’s healthy enough that I don’t think I’d feel guilty eating it and so elegant-looking that I’d love to serve it. I don’t think it needs the cream cheese you suggested for tarting it up – I think it’s perfect just the way it is.

  4. Thanks Sylvie! It was – it really sorted me out.

    Ginger, thanks! It was and it’s perfect for lazy Sunday brunches.

    Heather – thanks :-)

    Fearless Kitchen – thanks! I agree with you re: the cream cheese, the flavour is so lovely it would be a shame.

  5. That looks fab. I’m growing rocket so I’d probably use that rather than watercress, and I’ll give it a go next weekend. Thanks.

  6. John Norris says

    A classic combination, and sounds great! Just goes to show there is often no need to do actual cooking, especially first thing on a Sunday morning! I cook the potatoes ‘on spec’ and keep them in the ‘fridge. Personally, I would go for the cream cheese if I had it, but wouldn’t worry if I had none.

    John Norris

  7. Mike says

    If you’re not busy next Sunday morning, I can mail you my address.

  8. Golly – thanks. I am sure that would be lovely too, especially as it will be gorgeous homegrown produce!

    Norecipes – thanks!

    John – it is classic, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have a little bit of salmon left to play with althoguh I think this time I’ll pair it with soda bread. Leftover potaotes sit in my friedge, but never for very long! :)

    Mike – Lol, thanks.

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  10. OK, can I come to Sunday brunch at YOUR house next weekend?? Looks glorious and satisfying – all the best breakfasts/brunches include smoked salmon :)

  11. Thanks Jeanne!

    I need a bigger house! :-)
    How I would love an enormous kitchen and I would have a big smoked salmon brunch party. It is the most satisfying thing to eat.

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