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I am a little late with this one, I am possibly the last food blogger to write about Haozhan. I’ve wanted to go since it opened, but never did and I think this is because it is in Chinatown. This made me nervous, as, generally the best Chinese food in London is found outside of Chinatown. I like going there for their grocery shops, and, go frequently for sichuan pepper, spring roll wrappers and random treats. I enjoy the bakeries and their dairy free semi-savoury delights. But, with few exceptions, the restaurants are not great. However, I continued to read good things and I decided I should really try it.

Hoazhan comes with solid credentials – Jimmy Kong of New Fook Lam Moon opened it with Chee Loong Cheong, formerly of Hakkasan, in the kitchen. Hakkasan is one of Alan Yau’s famed establishments and one of London’s few michelin starred Chinese restaurants. It offers sophisticated Chinese fusion food, but, is in the upper echelons of my current budgetary restrictions, so it was good to get an opportunity to taste the offerings of a chef that had worked there.

I have been twice now, the first time for a friends birthday on a Saturday night, nervously as I had recommended we try it, but had no experience of dining there to reassure me. On arrival, we were ushered upstairs to a round table, and within a short while, we were ordering. It was very busy, full to capacity. The appearance is quite trendy and very different to most of the other restaurants on Gerrard St. The green and black is attributed to Feng Shui, the whole effect was very modern, clean and efficient.

Service, on the other hand, was very much what I have come to know in chinatown – abrupt and swift – but, unlike alot of its neighbours, it had a charm, and by the end of the night we were all laughing at the misunderstandings surrounding getting a birthday candle put in a dessert for the birthday boy. Reviewing the menu, it appeared to be fusion, blending influences from regional asian cuisines with Chinese cooking, there’s marmite prawns and cheesy lobster on the menu, the lobster is a step too far for me I think, but maybe one day I’ll try the prawns.

We ordered a selection of starters – standout were the chilli squid which was crisp, light and beautifully spiced and so full of flavour, the veggie mixed starter was good, if average and the coffee ribs were rich and flavoursome.

Mains went from fabulous to bizarre. I had a gorgeous homemade tofu dish and would have written this post if only to tell you about it – Haozhan tofu – four fried homemade tofu cubes, like a savoury custard with spinach skimming the surface, all topped with a scallop and some fish roe. A friend had curry prawns which were very spicy and came served in a huge round of bread. Bizarre and super spicy. I’ve already mentioned the lobster and the prawns!

For dessert I had the red bean pancake, which was just ok, nothing spectacular. The deep fried ice cream was fine but not amazing.

Impressed as I was with the savoury food, I wanted to bring another foodie friend there. I, the creature of habit and desperate for more squid and tofu, ordered the same meal. He ordered the chilli deep fried soft shell crab and the crispy shredded beef. My meal was spectacular as before but his was disappointing: the crabs were slightly burned and the beef was borderline – very sweet and average.

It was a shame, as the previous night was generally, a very positive experience. I’ll definitely go again, if only for the tofu.

2 courses with one glass of wine, 2 beers and tea was £60.

8 Gerrard Street
0207 434 3838


Correction (20th June 2008) – I had the chilli squid starter, not the chilli tofu. I am clearly just a little focussed on that tofu main course!




  1. notesbynaive says

    Haozhan is one of the only two restaurants I’d eat in in Chinatown. I like going there for basic dishes like aubergine in claypot and beef noodles, as their cooking has a Malaysian/Singaporean slant (my home).

  2. Hello there! I must check those dishes out next time. What’s the other restaurant that you eat in?

  3. notesbynaive says

    Cafe de HK – for very different reasons, cheap and quick! The food’s nothing to shout about but it’s comforting. I usually have roasted meat on rice or some sort of stir-fry. Actually the salted fish fried rice is rather good.

  4. Food:

    The food here can be described as ‘Chinese with a modern touch’. However apart from the fancy names and vague descriptions I do not see how it is ranked best 20 restaurants in London. The offer only applies to particular foods on the menu which is not clearly labeled. It is fair to say that it is not their responsibility to inform us of ALL our available options, however when we asked our waiter of what is available we were given inaccurate information which resulted in paying almost the full price of the bill.
    We explained our situation to a person in charge and were replied with in an extremely rude manner!

    Chief Officer Reply:
    “This is Chinese Cuisine, and we consider our sides to be different to Western cuisine. You did not read our website correctly and hence you will not be getting the reduction in price that you anticipated”.

    True, we did not do our research before coming into the restaurant, BUT we DID ask the waiters how our card works. We were given false information and had to shoulder the consequences of the untrained, misinformed waiters provided by the restaurant themselves. In addition we got a big mouthful out of the person in charge when we kindly asked why our bill was more expensive than we thought.

    The Food portions were also extremely small relative to the average price of GBP 10.00 per dish. However it should be said that the Mongolian Beef dish was very nice indeed but small.


    The cost on average is GBP 10.00 per dish. With non-deductible side dishes ranging from GBP 2-6. The drinks are GBP 2.00 per person on average.


    As mentioned above, service was not well trained and the customers shoulder the mistakes of the employees of the restaurant.


    All in all I do not think we or any of our friends will be going here again. The prices are extremely high for what you are paying for (the portions are really small) and the service and customer relations is very poor (What restaurant would raise their voice against customers?). Due to misinformed staff members and disrespectful Chief Officer the concluding grade of 3/10 speaks for itself!

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