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Calling all London Food Bloggers!

There’s so many of us, and not many spaces where we can meet and share information bar on our blogs. I’ve started a Facebook Group for us – London Food Bloggers – along with Helen of Food Stories. Come join us!




  1. Joan says

    Hello not really a comment on London bloggers, just to thank you for your reply to my comment – can you send me an e-mail so I can tell you where I’ll be in London. I think you can access my email, can’t you?
    Hubby came back from Sardinia last week and grought lots of goodies: I might just save something for you!
    Joan in torrid Milan (32°!!!)

  2. Sadly, I’m also not on Facebook (I need an excuse to get AWAY from my PC, not an excuse to spend more time at it ;-)) but a good idea nonetheless. Am working up the energy to try and do a shout out for a big food blogger get-together seeing as I was away for Henley this year, hence no picnic.

  3. I know, I have the same problem!

    We should definitely have a meetup. Hopefully this weather will hold out…

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