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The Providores – Turkish Eggs

The Providores - Marylebone

Sometime in the future, I will blog about fine dining at the Providores (a very worthwhile experience if you’re curious!). For now, I want to dedicate a post to their Turkish Eggs. Sounds bizarre but if you had them you’d agree! I promise.

Regular readers will know my fondness for Marylebone and my Sunday trips to the farmer’s market, the Ginger Pig and La Fromagerie. There’a a few other places I pop to on occasion and one from this list is the Providore’s. Lots of people I trust like it, Aidan Brooks is a fan and did some work experience there while training, indeed I shared a lovely meal with him there recently, and Krista at Londonelicious includes it in her London top 10. It should therefore come as no surprise, that the Providores features quite highly on my list on these Sunday jaunts, with my usual being their wonderful turkish eggs accompanied with a great latté, something that is rare in London these days.

So, what are the turkish eggs? It’s a dish that hails from Changa restaurant in Istanbul (which Peter Gordon is also involved in) but served also in the Providores – two poached eggs with whipped yoghurt and hot chilli butter. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but for that reason, I knew it must, and spectacularly so, otherwise, why would it be on the menu?

My first taste of that dish, was just wonderful, I can still recall. Perfectly poached eggs, sitting on a pillow of whipped yoghurt and wrapped in hot chilli butter, it’s just superb. Another of my must-try-to-recreate. For now, I am very happy to go there on my Sunday trips and indulge. I recommend that you do too, should you find yourself in the area.

The Providores
109 Marylebone High Street, London, England W1U 4RX
tel: 0207 9356175
email: anyone@theprovidores.co.uk
web: http://www.theprovidores.co.uk/

The Providores - Marylebone

The Providores - Marylebone



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  1. I can’t muster up any enthusiasm for The Providores. When I was still a student, I decided to treat myself to lunch here. I was given a window seat, quite a nice one if I recall, but the service after that was so atrocious as to put me off it for life.

  2. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that Su-Lin. That’s never been my experience. I always find it friendly and efficient and I have no tolerance for poor service. Maybe you should give it another try?

  3. I have been meaning to go here for AGES! I must visit soon, those eggs look to die for. I went to trinity last week – it was amazing. The food was gorgeous, although expensive, the service was incredible.

  4. You must, Helen! The eggs are divine. I’ve never been to Trinity, must check it out. It’s good to splash out soemtimes! :-)

  5. Niamh is right, Su-Lin. I’ve known Providores for a long time now, since I did work experience there. You really must have been there on a bad day – and every restaurant has a few of those. Peter is one of the world’s most creative chefs and would easily be sporting Michelin stars now if he’d decided to go down that path, rather than stick to his principles as a radical fusion chef. And Sophie runs a great front of house team who are as good as most service teams I’ve ever experienced. The wine selection is one of the best in London in the bracket of affordable cellars. If I was still in London, rather than back in my kitchen in Barcelona, I would invite you there as my guest.

  6. Mmm, this brings back wonderful memories. I used to live just round the corner on Devonshire St, and loved eating there, and the food shopping on Marylebone High St was fantastic even then! Write more soon…

  7. notesbynaive says

    I need to make my way there some day. It’s always so busy.

  8. Trig – agreed, and highly recommended.

    Foodieguide – nice! I wouldn’t mind living down there :-)

    Su-Lin – I’ve eaten in both and it’s always been a positive experience. It does get very, very busy, but even with that I’ve never found the service a problem. Generally people seem to agree – http://trustedplaces.com/review/uk/london/restaurant/1i5do8/the-providores – although, I can see that doesn’t seem to be the case on London Eating for some reason. I appreciate that this hasn’t been the case for you, however, don’t give up on it after one bad experience.

    Notesbynaive – hope you like it!

  9. Like you say – it sounds like it shouldn’t work… but apparently it does! Intrigued. The Providores has also been on my list for a while now. So many restaurants, so little time aaaarrrrgh!

  10. Hi Jeanne. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

    There are way too many restaurants in London but it’s a fantastic complaint :-)

  11. Kitchen Goddess says

    I love the sound of these eggs. I must try this place on my next trip to London :)

  12. Sounds sensational. I am desperate to try them. Went to Istanbul last year and had Menemen there which was awesome.

    This is definitely now on my list!

  13. George – a definite must try :-)

    The Paunch -do try them. Istanbul is one place I must go. I’ve recently finished Orhan Pamuk’s Istanul and am a little obssessed!

  14. Lucy says

    My friend and I literally lapped this up on our last visit to Providores, a must have brunch at a must have brunch spot. It’s so good I’m trying to recreate it myself- with the addition of a grilled chorizo and some toast- bring it on!

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