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Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon & Chives

Decadent brunch - Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chives

It seems silly to write a post about scrambled eggs, maybe I am having a silly day (possible), but, I am sure that it’s more that there’s few things as bad as badly scrambled eggs. Ok, there’s lots of things worse, but when you only have two eggs left and are too lazy to go to the shop, it can screw up your morning. Like it did mine last week, when I overheated the oil accidentally and the eggs turned into an instant omelette whilst splattering and burning me at the same time.

So, determined to redeem myself, the next day I went out and bought some lovely golden burford brown eggs, some smoked salmon and chives. I like my scrambled eggs simple, very simple, this is as a result of a discussion I had some years ago with a friend where I maintained you could put anything in scrambled eggs. I quickly proved that the results of such experimentation can be monstrous so, now, it’s only friends are tomatoes, herbs, smoked salmon and cheese. Maybe some shallots.

This doesn’t need a recipe, just a conversation :-) You need, per person: 2 eggs, a couple of slices of smoked salmon, some butter, some chopped chives and some nice bread for toasting. Toast your bread, heat the butter until foaming, beat the eggs lightly and season with s&p. Add to the butter over a low heat. The eggs will slowly start to cook, stir with a spatula or something similar taking care to pull it in from the sides. Just before the eggs are at the consistency you like them, take them off the heat, for me this is quite fluid. It’s important to do this as the eggs will continue to cook, even off the heat. Stir in most of the chives and half the smoked salmon. Serve on top of the toast with the remaining smoked salmon and chives. Eat immediately.





  1. What – no cream?! I always put some cream in my scrambly egg. And a tiny bit of salt and some ground black pepper.

  2. Smoked Salmon says

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  3. I think you can enjoy this at any time of the day! One of my favourites.
    PS. Please pop over to my foodblog for an award.

  4. This is one of my all-time favourite breakfasts I think. I love smoked salmon and eat it at least once a week (decadent!) and this sort of breakfast makes you feel like a queen for a moment. mmmm, eggy gorgeousness.

  5. If you want even nicer scrambled eggs (and don’t mind being more unhealthy), stir in a an extra bit of butter just as you take off the heat – it gives them a lovely texture. I’m generally a useless cook, but it’s the one thing all my friends always go wow over, bizarrely.

  6. am with mac jordan on the cream and seasoning! These look delicious though, so I’ll let you off ;)

    (ps. love burford browns too ;)

  7. Beth says

    That looks fabulous. I love scrambled eggs w/smoked salmon. I forgo the salt and usually top w/capers. Sometimes serve w/asparagus when I’m eating this for dinner.

  8. There are very few breakfasts/brunches/anytime luxury snacks that I enjoy more than this. Yours looks simply heavenly!

  9. Again – another HUGE apology for the delay in replying to comments. I will improve – promise!

    Mac Jordan – I am lactose intolerant and sourcing cream that isn’t cow’s is tricky. So, really these are MY perfect eggs, but maybe not for everyone. I’ve used goats cream in the past, but, that also has an unpleasant reaction at times. Butter is fine as I can source lovely buffalo butter in London. That aside, while I am sure that cream is a pleasant addition, I am not sure it needs it with the rich oiliness of the fish and the eggs cooked so that they are still quite fluid and luxurious. I do season after too of course, but must have neglected to say that above. That’s what I get for posting in a hurry. Lesson learned :-)

    Margaret – thanks very much! I shall :-)

    Kittie – thanks! See above :-) I am experimenting with lots of different types of eggs at the moment. Burford Browns are *great*!

    George – yes, indeed. So good for brunch.
    Helen – agreed and I do love smoked salmon. So decadent and luxurious. YUM.

    Geoff – great tip – thanks!

    Beth – great tips there too! Especially the capers. Thanks.

    Towser – indeed :-) Thanks for the link.

    Brilynn – true, you could have it for dinner. Thanks for the comment.

    Sophie – sure, thanks.

    Jeanne – thanks very much!

  10. Cream or no cream, they eggs look gorgeous. This combination (or at least something similar) has become a bit of a special day breakfast ritual to me. Have you tried using truffle oil on eggs yet? If you have some truffle oil, it’s worth a taste.

    When you mention bad scrambled eggs I am reminded of a guy I dated about two years ago. He was a wine taster for Waitrose, so you’d think he had a good palate, yes? One day he offered to cook a mid afternoon snack for us,scrambled eggs of course, and when I came to see what he was doing, I was very confused (or mortified to be more accurate). He professed he didn’t do scrambled eggs ‘the Delia way’, with a sneer. What he did was fry three eggs until the yolk was well cooked and then hit them with a spatula until well chopped.

    The same gentleman admitted he put the same effort into making food as he did into getting rid of it. I bet you can guess how long that relationship lasted.

  11. I love doing egg salad with smoked salmon on top. I put a lot of fresh herbs (tarragon, parsley, chives, dill) and homemade mayonnaise in egg salad, and top it with a thin layer of lox. Oh so good. But scrambled eggs would be much easier. I like this idea.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous photo! I wasn’t hungry, but you made me want to run to the store for some smoked salmon…

  13. This looks great. The only change I would have made is spreading some creamcheese on the bread and adding a slice of tomato :)

  14. I love eggs… and adore scrambled eggs. I usually add a drop of milk and a tiny bit of salt and pepper to season the eggs when eaten plain. Smoked salmon is usually more than salty enough. I add cream when I have it in the fridge instead of milk for extra creaminess!

  15. Ros – lol, thanks – and great story! :-) My guess is… a week?

    MangerLaVille – that sounds great!

    Nate – I haven’t, I am not a huge fan of dill, but maybe I’ll give it a go here.

    Thanks Vicki! Lol, did you go buy some? :-)

    Olga – that sounds like a worthy addition!

    Mark – sounds lovely. I really enjoyed your scrambled eggs post too!

  16. I adore scrambled eggs, so it’s heartening to see this on a blog – and I agree that ‘wrong’ scrambled eggs are a huge disappointment in the mornings!

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