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Covent Garden Night Market

Covent Garden Night Market

Covent Garden Night Market

Covent Garden Night Market is back again for the month of August, every Thursday and Friday. Like last year, expect lots of lovely food stalls with the added extra of a kitchen theatre hosting celebrity chefs like the Hairy Bikers and Fergus Henderson.

I had an opportunity to go last week with fellow bloggers including: Julia of A Slice of Cherry Pie, Helen of Food Stories, Ros of Living to Eat, Krista of Londonelicious, Chris of Londonist, and, Alex of The Princess and the Recipe
. It was really lovely to meet them, having interacted online for so long and we had a fabulous evening.

First stop was the hungry bikers at the kitchen theatre, unfortunately I was too late to see Cyrus from Cafe Spice Namaste. They were very entertaining as always, cooking up seared scallops and salmon, a Tuscan style beef salad and a dessert of zabaglione. It looked fabulous, and by the time it was over I was really hungry and keen to explore and eat.

There was lots on offer, so much choice, I was torn wanting the Rainha Santa hog roast, some of the sporeboy’s risotto and something from the Jewish Deli. And that’s only what I’d spotted on arriving. The Jewish Deli won out in the end and I had some chicken schnitzel. It was very good. After this, chocolate from Melt, cupcakes from Lavender Bakery (absolutely gorgeous – check out Michelle’s blog here) and it was all polished off with some champagne from McManus Oysters, I was too full for the Oyster’s themselves by now. Ooooh, decadent!

I didn’t stop there, I brought loads home including tea from teapigs (including a chilli tea, which is really interesting, physically warm but also the flavour and mild heat of the chilli – try it!), coffee beans, spicy tuscan sausage… and lots more. The sausage was quite special, I am looking forward to getting some more this week.

It’s well worth a trip, highly recommended.

Upcoming Kitchen Theatre Demonstrations:

22nd August: Willie Harcourt-Cooze – the modern day Willie Wonka, famed for his 100% pure Venezuelan Black chocolate

29th August: Fergus Henderson – head chef of St John restaurant and famous for his book and philosophy of ‘Nose to Tail Eating’

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  1. Jo – a pleasure, enjoy.

    Sylvie – we are so spoiled in London, really. It’s really good, I am looking forward to indulging further.

    Helen – it’s mad, try it out. Their green tea is lovely also.

    Beth – thanks.

  2. This is the second post I am reading about Covent Market from other blogs. Sounds like it is so much fun! Love the pictures, especially the owl shortbreads:)

  3. Niamh, it was lovely meeting you last week. I went back for some spicy salami today. It’s sooo good!

    I’m glad Goon didn’t see the owl shortbreads today- I spent enough money as it is!

  4. Farida – it was lots of fun and those owl shortbreads are very very cute :) Thanks!

    Ros – lovely meeting you too! I am going back this week to refresh my supplies, incl that lovely salami. Hope you had fun!

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