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Chanterelles on Toast

chanterelles on toast

I love a decadent Sunday morning, that’s no secret. Lazy & grazy with big pot of coffee, the Sunday paper and a gorgeous brunch. Today I had lots of chanterelles to play with, courtesy of my lovely Italian grocer in king’s Cross. He has a friend who forages for them and kept some aside for me so that I could indulge this weekend.

This is really quick, easy and super tasty. For one person, all you need is a couple of slices of good bread, toasted. Serve atop a couple of handfuls of golden chanterelles, fried in a knob of butter for a few minutes until cooked, add a tablespoon of cream and a couple of tablespoons of chopped flat leaf parsley. Yum!

chanterelles on toast




  1. mmm, I love mushrooms on toast. It is the simplicity of the whole thing. Hardly any ingredients but then so decadent at the same time..

  2. I love any mushrooms like this! Except I also rub the bread with garlic and add caramelized onions… Mmm… that’s the ticket… :)

  3. Oh….. *swoon*! That looks fantastic and has reminded me that the last time I had chanterelles was last summer!! It’s been too long. Can I come over to YOURS next Saturday? ;-)

  4. am so blown away by the photos! they’re fab..and tht looks like one work of a toast. i’d love to have tht for breakfast, lunch, dinner…pretty pls!! :)

  5. Philipp says

    Beautiful photos. And, the perfect way to start chanterelle season, although I generally make a chanterelle omelette as the first dish. There is nothing better than fresh chanterelles, in butter, on great bread for breakfast. With a good cup of coffee. Simple and perfect for cool, crisp, autumn mornings. Thanks for the post.

  6. This looks so good! I love mushrooms and this sounds like something i would like to try. I posted a mushroom recipe today too:) what a coincidence:)

  7. I do not have the luxury of sleeping in on a Sunday due to church responsibilities, but I can do it on a Saturday morning. This looks o scrumptious!!!!!

  8. Sylvie – it was a lovely start to my day! :) They can be quite hard to come by but I am so spoilt in London, it ‘s very easy to get my hands on them, but they can be a bit pricey.

    Charmaine – thanks! I am very flattered.

    Helen – anything on toast once the bread is good! I almost had this for dinner again last night but I stopped myself. Simple is best, I think, the most important thing is quality ingredients.

    PaddyK – lol, indeed :)

    Irene – that sounds lovely too, I’ll try it. I often rub the bread with garlic too, it’s lovely. Garlic is all good.

    Jeanne – thanks & lol! I wasn’t there last Saturday – sorry! Nor had I chanterelles :)

    Helen – with pleasure! It’s a little old school shop on Caledonian Rd called KC Continental Stores. It’s run by a lovely old italian couple that have been there for years. I never know what he’ll have, but that’s part of the charm.

    Mo – yes, me too, I must try and forage this year.

    Diva – thanks so much – that’s very kind of you.

    Philipp – thanks! You know I was thinking of making a chanterelle and leek omelette biut went with the toast instead. Yum! I also love chanterelles with tagliatelle.

    aforkfulofspaghetti – I am a bit spoiled! His friend forages for them which is the only reason he has them and it’s very random. I called in about 20 times before he had them!

    Alexx – that is really very lovely of you, I am very flattered!

    Farida – how funny! I was commenting on your flickr pic of your gorgeous mushrooms while you were commenting here. I am definitely trying your dish. It’s mouth watering.

    Nina – you could have it on a Sunday afternoon too, or anytime :) Thanks!

  9. this looks wonderfull!

    i am making it for a sunday brunch for some friends and family with the toasted bread, poached eggs and the shrooms sauteed with some thyme i have growing around.

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