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Leftovers on toast

Leftovers on toast

Leftovers on toast

Wandering home weary after a long day, the thought of the kitchen can be quite dispiriting. Even for me, a person who loves spending time in that room eating and playing with ingredients. Today was one of the very rare days that I just didn’t have the energy and after a long day in the office, I was only fit for laziness, so, I invested in a block of nice goats cheese and some red wine, and on my journey home I resigned myself to a pleasant end of evening tucking into both.

But then, I got home, and on opening the fridge remembered something I threw together yesterday and had a bowl of stored in the fridge: a very quick pancetta, chorizo, chickpea and spinach stew. Ridiculously easy and quick, I sauteed about 60g each of pancetta and chorizo, added half a tin of chickpeas, and a couple of handfuls of spinach at the end. The joy when I spied that bowl, all I did was reheat it with a little cream for moisture and luxury and ate it on a couple of slices of toasted ciabatta. Toast! Ah toast. Really, there’s some days that you really can’t beat it and today is one for me.

I’m happy now. And I’m tucking into that cheese with a glass of that nice red wine :)




  1. Well, it’s definitely a step up from beans on toast ;) Looks full o’ flavour… and it’s always good to have a cheese and wine dessert ;D

  2. Such a coincidence…..I cooked the very same meal for myself last night! Although I used streaky bacon in lieu of pancetta as I dind’t have any to hand.

    I use cumin, garlic and smoked Spanish paprika for seasoning, and use chilli oil to add a little heat. Absolutely delicious.

  3. Inspiration! I’m off to cook that right now, after staring blankly into an empty fridge for half an hour and then spending another 20 minutes looking for a takeaway menu that seems to have been abducted by aliens or something.

  4. How is it that three are few things in life as satisfying as leftovers on toast?? Love the sound of the quick stew – definitely a keeper!

  5. Kittie – absolutely! Thanks.

    Helen – LOL, point taken. Although, note, I haven’t had chorizo in almost 22 hours ;)

    Beth – thanks!

    S – funny! Chilli oil and cumin sounds like good additions, I might try that.

    them apples – great! I hope that you enjoyed it :)

    Jeanne – I know, so satisfying. Thanks!

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