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Cupcake Mania

Fair Cake Cupcakes

And it really was. I, like most people am not averse to a cupcake. Especially a good cupcake. Cupcake fever hit London a couple of years ago and it’s showing no sign of abating. I think that for women, cupcakes have a multidimensional appeal, ok, so that’s very general and some people might accuse me of sexism, but I do believe I can embrace the gender divide here. They’re often bright, pretty, sweet, beautifully decorated and I just want to put them in my pocket and save them rather than eat them. Until I’ve had that first bite, that is. Then it’s game over for the cupcake.

I have tried many cupcakes in the past. Among my favourites are those that Michelle bakes at the Lavender Bakery. I’ve blogged about these before on a recent trip to the Covent Garden Night Market. This post is dedicated to those at Fair Cake, who are so busy at the moment that I’ve read that they can’t take any further orders until mid-November, but I managed to procure some, lucky me :)

You can imagine my delight when 3 boxes of gorgeous cupcakes were delivered for our TrustedPlaces food & wine bloggers meetup last week. I had to turn my back to them for I could not trust myself. They smelled so incredibly fresh (and they were). A lovely light sponge with a rich and sweet buttercream, they went down a treat, and you know how fussy food bloggers are.

Thanks to Shikhita at Fair Cake for squeezing our order into her busy schedule and delivering them to us. She made a nice day even sweeter.

My preciouses

My preciouses

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  1. Myyy preeeccciooouussssssss! I ate the one with the yellow icing and it was unbelievably delish. The butteryness of that icing!

  2. I had a chocolate one and although they weren’t nearly as pretty as those with the little lavender roses, I can vouch for their deliciousnesssssss ;-)

    What a fab night it was!

  3. ‘cor, those look absolutely fabulous. I’m already trying to figure out who’s birthday I could order them for :)

    I’m supposed to be working now, but all I want to do is go and read about food. It’s very distracting.

  4. I dropped mine on the floor but ate it anyway, because it was highly tasty in spite of the unforseen garnish…

  5. Alexx – I had a chocolate one, I can’t recall what the other flavours were BUT I will find out :)

    Helen – agreed! Yum, yum, yum!

    Jeanne – oh, the roses were pretty! Great night indeed, so glad you could make it!

    Tom H – they would be an *excellent* birthday gift :)

    dynagrrl – nothing except maybe pork belly ;)

    Paula – that’s all down to Shikhita! She makes a fine cupcake.

    Douglas – lol, good man!

  6. jennifer | themakelounge says

    Lavender bakery cupcakes are so delicious! We had 250 of them at our launch party in April and order them for our hen events and birthday parties. Yum!

  7. I had a chocolate one – oh yes!!!

    I’m having such a cupcake moment right now – am planning a cupcake baking session tomorrow night… yum!

  8. Jennifer – oooh, yum. They are very good!

    Kittie – hope your cupcake baking session went well :-)

  9. Elaine From Cookware Help says


    I love the buttercream topping they look so nice.


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