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The Kitchen at Parson’s Green

Thierry leads the way

Being busy as I have been of late, my cooking has tended toward the repetitive and unbloggable. Something on toast or some chorizo hash with a fried egg, anyone? Pasta soup? Linguine with a variation on a tomato sauce? It’s all good, but it does mean that I don’t have much cooking posts to share, I have however, been doing lots of other interesting things, which I will share with you here. Readers who are fans of cooking posts, I have a pork belly post and a very autumnal buttternut squash and sage orzo salad on it’s way.

Cupcakes at The Kitchen

Cupcakes at The Kitchen

Recently, I had an opportunity to go to the Kitchen in Parson’s Green with some other bloggers, organised through my lovely new employers, TrustedPlaces. A new cooking concept established in the US but new to London and targetting us busy urban types, you order your food online, they do the basic preparation (onion chopping, sauces), you show up, have a very sociable couple of hours putting it all together with friends, the tables are cleared for you and the washup done, and then you go home with your meals for the week, all of which cook really quickly, I didn’t spend more than 15 minutes on any of them.

Run by Natalie Richmond and Michelin starred chef Thierry Laborde, the menu offers comfort food classics from fish cakes to lasagne and I was intrigued.

Organic angus beefburgers

Organic angus beefburgers

I ordered my 4 meals in advance, four portions for one, although you can order one portion for four too! I went for the organic salmon teriyaki, organic angus beef burgers, puy lentil and split pea dahl samosas and veal saltimbocca with green beans and sicilian lemons. We arrived for our 7pm session and were greeted with a glass of wine. Good start after a day in the office! Within minutes we were in The Kitchen, donning our aprons, and surveying our first lot of ingredients and instructions. Thierry and his sous chef were on hand to help us put them together or to offer tips generally. Once complete, your dish was sealed and you had your very own, restaurant quality ready meal ready for your bad to take home.

Veal saltimbocca

Veal saltimbocca

What did I think? It was great fun, very sociable, and the time just flew. I am very fussy about my food and the Kitchen didn’t disappoint, everything is very well sourced and delicious, and I was very happy to get home and try a new dish each evening. It’s also extremely well priced, somewhere between supermarket and lower end restaurant prices. For the cooks out there, you don’t get the recipes but you do learn some techniques, and for this I found it valuable. For delicious and healthy convenient food with instruction, you really can’t go wrong with a trip to Parson’s Green.

Wine at The Kitchen

Wine at The Kitchen

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