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Times Top 10 Food Blogs in the World

Top 10 Food Blogs in the World

This is going to be brief as I am too excited to type. Simon from Dos Hermanos, has chosen my humble blog as No 10 in his Top 10 Food Blogs From Around the World. They’re all fantastic blogs and I really am honoured to be included. I am still chuckling at the “Eat Like a Baby Elephant” reference (it’s usually “Eat Like a Goat” from family and friends). I was particularly delighted to see two of my London favourites on there too – the wonderful Cheese and Biscuits and Silverbrow on Food.

Check out the rest here.

Congrats to everyone. Now where’s the bubbly? ;-)



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  1. vicky says

    Congrats Niamh thats great to see you go voted into the Top 10, luv the blog keep up the good work.

  2. Jeremy says

    Fair play Niamh. I bet you’ll see a serious spike in your in your hit rate over the next few days.

  3. HUGE congratulations, Niamh! and well deserved, might I add. Keep it up. You know we love reading about your passion for all things edible! As Oliver might say, ‘Please, Miss, can I have some more?’

  4. Aha! Well done, Niamh!

    Your conquest of the British media continues apace. All you need is the Daily Mail and their lock on the blue rinse and Maj. (ret.) brigade and you’ll have full demographic dominance. :-)

  5. ah well done Niamh,

    i always have a good day when your blog drops into my inbox, i love all your london tips for foodies and gorgeous photos,


  6. Congratulations Niamh, that’s fantastic news, well done!

    We’ll have to have a celebratory pint next time yer in Cork!

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  8. Congratulations – you are in esteemed company amongst this lot. Your blog is one of three on the list that I regularly read and enjoy.

  9. Congrats, you got your just desserts! Thanks for all the interesting posts and drool worthy pics. :-)

  10. Trig – thanks! I was very surprised and honoured to be included, honestly. It’s so lovely to have anyone read, but when a blogger I admire so much admits to reading regularly, it makes me smile!

    Dee – thanks!

    Helen – you did indeed. Thanks so much!

    • @marmitelover – thanks! Ever expanding girth indeed. A very apt phrase after the festive season!

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