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A Visit to La Boqueria in Barcelona

The Boqueria, Barcelona

La Boqueria, Barcelona

When in Barcelona, what does any self respecting food blogger do but visit the Boqueria! I’d been told by so many people that it was a must, and had seen it on tv and read about it on other blogs. So, on my recent hectic weekend trip to Barcelona, I made sure there was an afternoon free to fit it in.

Aidan at the Boqueria

Aidan at La Boqueria

Many of you will know Aidan Brooks, food blogger and chef, up until recently he was working in Michelin starred Comerç 24 in Barcelona. I am a very big fan of Aidan’ blog, it’s always interesting and entertaining. I shared a lovely meal with him at The Providore’s over the summer and had always planned to visit and eat at Comerç 24 while he was still working there. It wasn’t to be, as he had moved on already by the time I finally got there. We arranged instead, to meet and tour the Boqueria on a Saturday afternoon last month.

The Boqueria, Barcelona

La Boqueria, Barcelona

Barcelona is a lovely city, and this particular weekend in November it was gorgeous. It was so bright and sunny! Having just left London I was armed with a heavy coat, but it was too nice to wear it. I wandered the streets under an enormous blue sky in a t-shirt and cardigan – in November!

Tapas bar at the Boqueria, Barcelona

Tapas bar at La Boqueria, Barcelona

The Boqueria is an enormous indoor food market off of one of Barcelona’s main and iconic streets, La Rambla. It’s a series of stalls, shops and tapas bars, heaving with locals and tourists and selling almost anything you could imagine you’d want to buy. I saw all kinds of shellfish, offal, blood, porchetta, chorizo, jamon, mushrooms, herbs, really, anything your heart may desire seems to be available at the Boqueria.

Padron Peppers

Padron Peppers

First thoughts? It’s like the English Market in Cork, only bigger. That just goes to show how good the English Market is, to my mind, as many rate the Boqueria as one of the best in the world. Ok, it’s alot bigger but when it comes to vibe, produce and authenticity, it’s a near match! I loved finding out all about the local produce (thanks Aidan) and soaking up all the smells and colours.

Jamon! Boqueria, Barcelona

Jamon! La Boqueria, Barcelona

I really wanted to eat there especially after spending a few minutes watching someone frying razor clams and scallops at a tapas stall there and boy did I want some. It was way too busy though so we went elsewhere. I’ll definitely be going back to complete the experience and blog about it thoroughly, but maybe not on a Saturday.

Pigs! Little uns, big uns. Boqueria, Barcelona.

Pigs! Little uns, big uns - La Boqueria, Barcelona

Fishmongers - Boqueria, Barcelona

Fishmongers - La Boqueria, Barcelona

All sorts of dried fish - Boqueria, Barcelona

All sorts of dried fish - La Boqueria, Barcelona

Mushrooms - La Boqueria, Barcelona

Mushrooms - La Boqueria, Barcelona

Jamon Iberico Bellota - La Boqueria, Barcelona

Jamon Iberico Bellota - La Boqueria, Barcelona




  1. had a fleeting visit there once myself, but it was already closing :(

    I love the fact that the Spanish are not scared of allowing their meat to look like the animal it came from. Imagine pigs heads in a butcher in the UK? (there are plenty more things I can describe, but I won’t offend your readers)

    I must get you over to Rioja and Bilbao’s markets some day. Maybe we could organise a UK food & wine bloggers trip?

  2. I love how that even though it’s quite a touristy place now, the locals still shop there…it’s very much still a working market.

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you again, Niamh, and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself in Barcelona. Next time if you set aside an evening I’ll take you somewhere really special to eat. You can see now why just about every chef in town sources their produce from the Boqueria. What’s really amazing is that we have other great food markets in town, including Sant Antoni and the new Santa Catarina. Both of these have the advantage of relatively few tourists, but equally great produce.

  4. We went to Barcelona last year and both loved the Boqueria; we took some similar pictures actually, some of which now hang on our kitchen walls.

  5. Barcelona is one of the places on my list I would like to visit one day. I am especially curious about checking out their tapas bars:)

  6. derek says

    love the photo of the mushrooms!
    i found the boqueria way too packed to enjoy more than a few minutes wandering around, next time i’ll definitely go during the week rather than on a saturday. for that reason i think i prefer the english market as it’s just easier to get around.
    great blog and congrats on your top ten!

  7. thirstforwine – great idea! That would be a wonderful trip. We should organise it.

    Peter – it is great!

    Su-Lin – agreed, that is part of it’s charm. It’s real!

    Foodista – I would recommend!

    Trig – absolutely, I’ll try and get back this year. Thanks again!

    KIeran – thanks!

    Peter – it’s lovely, indeed

    Derek – thanks! It’s so busy, agreed, I would love to go on a Monday or something. The English Market in Cork is one of my favourites. I love visiting when I am at home. Thanks for your congrats too :-)
    Loving Annie – it was lovely and very interesting.

    Ginger – great idea!

    Christie – ah yes, jamon. Yum!

    Farida – you should go! Soon :-)

  8. Wildly envious!! I love La Boqueria but the lighting always bedevils my photos (not to mention the masses of people and a husband rolling his eyes and saying “come ON!” as he walks off!!). Glad you got to see Trig too.

    Jamon Iberico de belotta is possibly my favourite thing in all the world.

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