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Savoury Pork Belly, Savoy Cabbage & Noodle Soup

Savoury Pork Belly, Savoy Cabbage & Noodle Soup

Sometimes, the very best dishes arrive as a surprise, twisted children of the products of our store cupboard and leftovers. It’s always a pleasure when something tasty and comforting arrives as a product of these rushed confections and today’s dinner was this.

Most readers are familiar with my pork belly obsession as are my friends, who are capitalising on this now. Of course I love cooking it for them, but it’s gone to the stage where I am cooking so much, I actually have leftovers! In truth, this is mainly because I am cooking a lot more of it, as I want it for sandwiches. I adored the pork belly sandwiches at Konstam, but I am not working nearby anymore and no longer get my regular fix.

Roast Pork Belly

(I’ve really got to exercise a lot more to compensate for this regular fat influx. What to do about the arteries? I use a lot of olive oil. That’s ok? Right? No? I’ll balance it with healthy veggie dishes, promise.)

So, today, I was faced with a mountain of roast pork belly. I’d roasted it in a light chicken stock with shallots, garlic, bay leaves and thyme and rubbed fresh ground star anise and sea salt into the flesh and crackling. So, what to do? Along with the pork belly, I had some gorgeous stock. I was speaking with a friend about how much it is used in ramen recently, so I thought, why not try a noodle soup?

Full of delicious umami, that savoury sense of ours, rich in meats, mushrooms and cheese amongst others, it was the perfect counter to a Winter’s day. Very quick and very easy to make, it’s a one pot wonder. Next time I make pork belly, or roast pork, this is going to be top of my list for the leftovers.


650ml chicken or pork stock
150g shredded leftover pork belly
3 spring onions shredded
1 large garlic clove, finely chopped
1 inch ginger, finely chopped or grated
1/2 green chilli, finely chopped
1 tbsp soy sauce
4 leaves savoy cabbage, shredded
1 nest chinese noodles (I like shanghai noodles but any will do)
a light oil for frying like groundnut or vegetable oil
S & P


Briefly saute the ginger, garlic and chilli in the oil.

Add the stock, pork belly and noodles and cook until the noodles are almost done.

Add the cabbage and cook for a minute or so, so that it retains it’s bite and lovely bright green colour.

Add soy sauce and S & P to taste.

Serve piping hot garnished with the shredded spring onions.




  1. oh. my. God. That looks AMAZING! And you know we all love the belly as much as you do. Trouble is I am growing a massive belly of my own. I bet someone could make a nice noodle soup with my belly – probably enough to feed a small army!

  2. I make a killer tom yum with left over pork belly – you get those delicious marmitey chewy bits on the outside and from the bottom, between the bones…mmmm

  3. Hi Reuben – I am! I can’t get enough of it :-) Tryt it… go on.

    Helen – Thanks! Lol, I am experiencing similar problems here :-) Time to start exercising…

    William – that sounds delicious!

    Lizzie – thanks! So, so comforting. Just had a lovely bowl of chicken ramen in Soho. YUM!

  4. Holy…! The result looks like a soup made of crispy duck in hoi sin sauce but I bet it tastes fantastic! Perhaps your recipe should include a certain amount of mileage one should run to compensate for the calories in that pork belly! :)

  5. Pork belly is seriously under-rated, normally by people who don’t understand the nutritional and health benefits of pure pork fat. OK, maybe I made that last bit up, but it’s so damn tasty.

    I love my crackling. God bless the pig.

  6. I’ve GOT to get round to making some pork belly, roasted to tender crispy perfection. Yours looks indescribably good…

  7. cosmopolitanblog says

    i love that pork belly, you should come check out mine sometime too………erh no not my belly, i mean my recipe blog! lol

  8. anticiplate says

    This looks amazing. I love to EAT pork belly, but have not yet cooked with it:)

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