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Easter Sunday Lunch

Easter - Pinated Duck Eggs

I have a new house! You may have heard me mention. Once, maybe twice, maybe more? I’ve moved in now and I love it, with it’s big kitchen, range cooker, bay windows looking out onto a little garden, full of yellow and pink flowers, bathed in swathes of light. I’ve yet to unpack but that didn’t stop us having friends around for a big Easter lunch.

Drying Painted Dugg Eggs for Easter

The ground floor with the kitchen and living areas was perfectly respectable, but upstairs behind every door and one in particular (mine!) lay bags and boxes, the house’s unconscious, repressed memories of former houses and bad wardrobe decisions, pots and pans, condiments and kitchen oddities purchased for celebrating obscure festivals, I do love randomness in my life! So, we kept everyone busy downstairs, collaboratively producing a fine Easter lunch, interrupted occasionally by an Easter Egg hunt or a munch on some chocolate or a painted duck egg.

Roast Leg of Lamb for Easter Lunch

So, what did we do? We kept with tradition and had a succulent roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary with lots of crisp roast potatoes served with roast vegetables and a fresh bright tomato salad prepared by my flatmate and friends. I worked with my cooking partner, 3 year old Lola, making chocolate nests for mini eggs, heart shaped chocolate things with leftovers and dessert, a rhubarb coulis with raspberries and rosewater, intended for a fool, but with more fruit than cream it resulted in a half fool or a foolish. We also had some delicious Russian Easter Cake baked my a Russian friend. It was lovely and not unlike panettone.

Chocolate Egg Nests for Easter

The day before we had made lots of painted duck eggs, fun to make and delicious to eat, although, I can confirm that it’s easier to eat many chocolate eggs, duck eggs in swift multiples can move quickly from delicious to tiresome, even if they are the prettiest ones you’ve ever seen.

Rhubarb, Raspberry and Rose Foolish

I hope you had a lovely Easter! It felt so close to Christmas for me, especially as I site here typing and eating chocolate and mini egg nests for breakfast. I need a purge or a detox. Or someone to take me away for the kitchen and the temptation, save me from myself!

Painted Duck Eggs for Easter

Easter Cake

Easter Lunch Table




  1. Your Easter looks and sounds lovely. And I love the look of your new house too. Great way to christen it!

  2. That roast leg of lamb with rosemary potatoes looks so good. I’ve just eaten dinner, and I feel hungry again!

  3. Jodsgirl says

    Niamh those eggs look beautiful. I wish I was that creative. And your lamb has actually just induced me to dribble on my keyboard….thanks for that!

  4. @marmitelover – thanks!

    @Sylvie – it was fun! hope yours was good too :)

    @Lizzie – I lurve my new dining table!

    @Kerri – it was lovely thanks and I am really pleased with the house! Hope you had a nice Easter too.

    @Dan – it was delicious! I didn’t cook it but I did enjoy eating it :)

    @lise – thanks!

    @jodsgirl – thanks! The eggs were the handiwork of Lola, age 3. She is very creative indeed :)

  5. realfoodlover says

    I love the photo of the table by the window. Beautiful and evocative.

    May you be very happy and productive in your new house….

    • Thanks Helen! I’ve yet to unpack, there’s just no time… especially when I like to cook and eat for most of it ;)

  6. Hi Niamh, great pics as always and congrats on your new “gaff”. How did you cook that leg of lamb? Regular or slow-cooked? I’ve never cooked potatoes with a roast because I’m afraid of not getting the timings right. Knowing my luck, they’ll either be burnt or raw…


    • Hi Conor! Thanks. That leg of lamb was cooked by my flatmate, roasted with garlic and rosemary, it was delicious! We put the spuds in for about an hour, they were nicely done. Crisp on the outside and nice and floury within :)

  7. Your images are exquisite. I especially love the compote. The colours are so vibrant and festive.

  8. Woo hoo – a new house! I adore the view out onto the little garden! I am in the throes of trying to acquire a new house too – watch this space for news ;-)

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