Speaking of Asparagus…


Well, make hay while the sun shines, as they say, and asparagus is in season right now, so I am eating a lot of it. I’m a big fan of the Sunday brunch. The lazing and grazing, the paper, the giant cafetiere of coffee, the pj’s… I love it all. Add asparagus to my list and that’s a near perfect weekend morning.

I’ve always had a taste for fried potatoes, leftover boiled ones that I store in the fridge, waiting patiently for the day that I fry ‘em up! This particular brunch day, I also had an heirlom tomato, the size of a normal tomato but packed with flavour. I had a slice of rosemary pancetta, which I finely chopped and some flat leaf parsley. It needed no more. Fried pancetta and potatoes with some tomato glue, some greenery and a couple of spears of fried asparagus crowned with a fried egg. Glorious.

PS. Real recipes coming back soon – promise :)


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  1. Niamh that looks delightful. We bloggers must be out in force writing about asparagus, I’ve not long written something and I see a fair few others are writing too. How could we not with such a delightful veggie?

    Congrats on moving into your new home too :)


  2. Ahhh asparagus. I actually haven’t had any yet this year! I love the idea of eating it with brunch though, that’s this Saturday sorted then! I shall swap my usual meat-fest which includes such sick amounts of black pudding you would be shocked – for this


    • Hello Helen! Hopefully you’ve rectified this now :) It’s perfect for brunch, especially if there’s some ham and eggs involved too. Black pudding – never too much! I love the stuff. I must bring you some Clonakilty Black Pudding back next time I go home, it’s my favourite!


  3. “Real recipes coming back soon”

    There’s something very appropriate about the number of dishes this time of year for which recipes are simply superfluous. And asparagus is king among them.


    • I agree! Vegetables are so fresh, abundant and full of flavour! Asparagus is the king for me too :)


    • Thanks Johnna! I hope that you had a nice breakfast after typing this :) I love asparagus for breakfast, I have it more for breakfast than any other meal!


  4. Heloo Niamh …

    hmm … yummy …
    your picture make peckish me.

    can you give its recipe
    seen to be very easy.

    thanks … ^_^


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