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Where’s my pork chop?


Brainchild of Dan of Food Urchin and wild garlic distribution fame, where’s my pork chop is a side project, born out of frustration from reading our collective tweets about our dinners, while poor Dan is stuck at work, working late shifts and watching hungrily from the sidelines.

He came up with a solution, and asked if we’d be willing to offer him our leftovers and he’d give us something in return. I thought it sounded great and was only delighted to take part, and that’s how I found myself at Oxford Circus one lunch time, cradling leftover prawn curry. That’s also how I got my free tickets to Taste of London, I’ll blog about that another time. Thanks Dan!

Why prawn curry? It’s one of my favourite dishes, homely and comforting, fruity and fragrant. Light and perfect for summer, with a fruity tomato base, and creamy cocnut overlay, it seemed a good fit for a man stranded in an office, watching life go by on the internet as he slogged away, all the while analysing dinner tweets. 

The truth is, I had wanted to make him chickpea & chorizo stew but Dan of Essex Eating beat me to it. I hadn’t made prawn curry in months, so it was due, and I was quite looking forward to indulging myself also.

I had a few hurdles to cross. Firstly, it was a gorgeous day in London, so after work I met a friend for a glass of wine on the South Bank, which quickly became half a bottle. Oooops. Then I had to go buy prawns, they needed to be as fresh as possible, as they needed to survive two rounds of cooking and still be edible. Having sourced them, I trekked home and put my key in my front door at 10pm. Late. Crap.

Like I said, it had been a long time since I had made these and I was soon to find out how long, as my spices had lost their ooomph. Crap. I was very disappointed. Normally this curry is fragrant and bright, my dull spices would not make this dish sing. However, it was late, and I had no time to buy new spices or line up and alternative so I persevered.

11pm and my curry was done, and having packaged Dan’s portion for the next evening, I sat down in front of Sex & the City and indulged. It was nice, but the spices were dull on the palate and that was a shame. Never mind. Dan enjoyed it and that makes me happy. You can read about it here.

If you’re interested in making it (and I recommend that you do, but with fresh spices), the recipe is here – Prawn Curry.




  1. That Prawn curry looks fantastic Niamh, I bet Dan was well happy to recieve that.
    I had no idea you’d planned on making Chickpea and Chorizo stew as well – sorry!

  2. I said the blend of spices were delicate didn’t I! ; )

    No Niamh you shouldn’t have to worry, the curry was fab. If you want to do a re-run though with the fresh spices then drop me a line!


    • YOU DID! :)

      Great, glad you liked it. I will make you another meal in exchange for courgette flowers. Really! :)

  3. Mmm, curry is one of my specialties — do you know about Momtaz sabzi ghormeh? No, didn’t accidentally get my fingers lined up wrong on the keyboard — that’s what I meant to type. It’s a weird, grassy, mapley, fennel-y Indian herb thing-stuff that transforms a curry dish. Good stuff.

    I love the color of yours — so rich. It’s making me hungry and I just finished lunch!

    • Oh, thanks for the info Becky! I love finding out about new things. I shall investigate!

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