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And to market! Today’s menu

Greetings from my kitchen! Once again, a late night, followed by a very early morning, making and baking. I want everything to be as fresh as possible and if that means I suffer in the sleep stakes, well, so be it.

We’ve broadened our offering today, and have a veggie alternative for those that don’t eat salmon, or who just want something different. Savoury rolls with a light pastry, filled with roast pumpkin, spinach, chilli and chevre (dellicious goat’s cheese). Frank Hederman smoked salmon with cucumber pickle on homemade brown soda bread will also be on offer as last time, only today you can up the ante and get cream cheese with it too. There will be jars of pickle to take home, as there were many enquiries as to why not last time. Last but not least by any means, we’ll also be selling the wonderful Bisol Jeio prosecco by the glass. I’ll try and drink less of it this time but I can’t promise anything.

So, back I go to the soda bread, it’s still in the oven. Hope to see you at the market today from 12-8pm!




  1. ralukmica says

    Good luck!! How I wish I could leave office early to come to the market..
    I hope someday I’ll be manage to have a stall of my own and be your neighbour at Covent Garden :)

  2. ruth_dt says

    Chevre is French for “goat”. I’ve been wondering all day whether your pastries had goat cheese or goat meat in!

    • Hi Ruth. Like brebis is for sheep right but sheeps cheese is always called brebis as goats is chevre. :)

  3. Caroline says

    Your oven height is impressive – can it really hold 4 levels or is it just the way the photo’s been taken? If so, what make is it please – I need to change my oven.

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  5. Hannah says

    Oh I wish I was in London this weekend! I’m spending a rare weekend back at my parents.

    Actually I’ve just looked at the website and it’s Thursdays, right? I will definitely try and make it next week!

  6. vickscakes says

    The cucumber pickle looks lovely in all the jars, wow thats a lot of soda bread. Would luv to see your stall, heading to london for few days this week -are you doing it again soon?

      • Hi Niamh, So dissapointed didn’t get to come to see your stall at the mkt, we had lovely few days in London, went to Notting Hill (no sign of Hugh Grant tho) :( then went to Wicked which was excellent, and generally ate and shopped.,. so had a lovey time. Its ashame didn’t get to stay for Thurs, would defo hav been down but maybe might make trip again soon.
        Vick x

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