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Covent Garden Real Food Market Update: Week 6

At last, a week where everything went smoothIy, I was beginning to lose hope. I was most pleased with my produce for last weeks market. Overnight slow roast shoulder of pork was delectably tender with a gorgeous crispy crackling. I upped the spicing on the apple relish slightly, and enjoyed the extra kick nestling in the unctous pork. I made many blaas, those fluffy Waterford bread rolls, I’m definitely getting that recipe down now.

Slow Roast Pork Shoulder & Blaas

Slow Roast Pork Shoulder & Blaas



With regard to the rest, the sausage rolls were the most perfect yet, looking uniform and less like distant reformed relatives. The beetroot tartlets ( recipe here) revealed themselves, almost by accident, pretty pink and juicy with a light goat’s cheese blanket. The new addition on the wine front  – Bisol Rose – went down a treat.

Chorizo & Pork Rolls

Beetroot Tarts

Beetroot, tomato, goat's cheese & mint tartlets

All perfect so far. Unfortunately, the market was quiet last week. It’s impossible to predict how these things will go. It’s almost safe to say that my level of organisation or otherwise serves as a good barometer for the busyness of the market or not. When I am organised, it’s quiet, when I am disorganised, we sell out early and there’s nothing left. Go figure. Regardless, overall the day worked well, and I was happy at the end of it.

How long more can it continue? Good question! It seems the options are I ramp it up and do another market on other days buffering my diminished income, and making it a realistic prospect, or I retire quietly and gracefully while the going is good, and get back to work. I am really not sure which way it will go right now, but I’ll be at the market once more this week, menu details tbc.

Bisol Rose Prosecco

Bisol Rose Prosecco




  1. Everything looks brilliant again. It’s a shame that you’re having to decide whether to continue when you seem to have found your stride, hope you manage to make a decision you feel comfortable with soon.

  2. fleurs_lovecakes says

    Have recently become a fan of your blog and I love hearing about your weekly market and culinary adventures and seeing the goodies you cook up [great pics by the way]. You are a girl after my own heart! Those Chorizo & Pork rolls look like heaven and I can almost smell the freshly baked Blaas from here ;-) I can imagine it’s a heck of a lot of work!! I hope to get down to the market soon (I’m only in W1 so no excuse) Fx

  3. Dermot (Blaa) Walsh says

    Was at Covent Garden market two weeks ago would loved to have talked to you.Our family have being making Blaas in Waterford for three generations and I am now trying to bring them to a wider audience.Am now selling into Dublin and Cork so all good comments about our product is appreciated.We have also applied for European P G I status (same as champagne,parmasen etc) and are hopeful that we will be succeed.

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