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Blaggers’ Banquet: almost there!

So… it’s two days to D Day or should that be B Day? Are we all blagged out? Certainly not!

Things are shaping up really nicely. Hawksmoor have been fantastically supportive, how very brave of them to let us run a restaurant there! Hats off. We have great food, details of which I will not reveal here, but suffice to say that there are lovely aperitifs and canapes on arrival at 5.30pm with live music, and 4 further courses, crafted with our fair hands, using fantastic donated produce and all drinks are included. The drinks are superb, we have lovely wines and artisan beers & spirits, many of which are boutique items, at the very least they have fine credentials and taste wonderful. We’ll be making cocktails, we’re extremely fussy about these ones, so expect good things. There’s an excellent goodie bag for everyone at the end, a raffle and an auction of superb food and drink experiences and other much sought after items, alot of which have been crafted especially for the event.

The auction should be excellent. Fancy tea cocktails at Hix Soho with the Rare Tea Lady? There’s lots more! A years worth of burritos at Chilango worth £2,400, a 1 hour cooking lesson in the Konstam kitchen, a seasonal dish from start to finish, a Mexican cookery class with Thomasina Miers of Masterchef fame and Wahaca, 2 nights at a bijou top floor apartment with terraces in the heart of Barcelona’s old city and 7-course Essència tasting lunch menu at the one-star Cinc Sentits donated by Citywire Holdings. And on and on. The generosity has been staggering. There’s hope for the human race yet!

Curious? We’ve just released the final batch of tickets. All single tickets, and £75 all in. Bargain, I say! All proceeds go to Action Against Hunger. It’s worthwhile AND you get to eat and drink your body weight should you choose to do so. It should also be lots of fun and a very sociable affair. Don’t forget the best bit, you can review us after on a Blaggers’ Banquet blog. We promise to publish eveything.

I’ve also written a Word of Mouth piece about the Blaggers’ Banquet, have a look: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2009/nov/13/bloggers-blaggers-freebies

Tickets available on ebay: http://good.ly/clxes

Hope to see some of you on Sunday!

1 hour cooking lesson in the Konstam kitchen, a seasonal dish from start to finish




  1. It’s a team effort and everyone is doing a stellar job! I am but one of a number, including your good self.

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