It’s time for an Ode! To Lahmucun


Ah, sweet Lahmucun. Gorgeous woodfired crispy flatbread, slathered with minced lamb, spices and onions, and crisped to curvy perfection. Lined up like gorgeous crusty soldiers, waiting for me and I am waiting for them.

LAHMACUN!  How I love you. Saviour of my Wednesday market ingredient shop. Laden down like a packhorse I creep into Antepliler, lodge my request, and patiently await, 120 seconds, maybe 180. It feels so long!

And then, we are one. Crispy, crispy goodness meets frazzled overworked senses. Rolled around salad and wrapped in paper, I tear the top and tuck in.  And I trot geefully up the street, cargo in tow, lahmacun in hand. I am happy.

Lahmacun @ Antipliler, 46 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay, N4 1AG – £1.30.

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  1. omg, that looks delicious! my mouth started watering as I read your ode :-) I want one! I want one!


  2. So jealous!! I used to live off Green Lanes and was a regular at Antepliler. I MISS decent Turkish now I live in Brighton and would murder a lahmacun right now. I especially miss my Saturday morning trips to Yasar Halim for bread and pivaluna. I might just have to move back :-)


    • I adore Yasar Halim too. Do alot of my shopping there. It’s a fab shop. I would miss it all if I moved too :)


  3. Oh yummy! This reminds me of the Lebanese manakeesh (I’ve not had this Turkish variant). Yeah, I could do with one right now…


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