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A Very Merry Xmas to You!

Guinness Fairy Lights

I made it. That epic journey from London to Chester (train)  -> Holyhead (ferry) -> Dublin (train) -> Waterford  -> butcher – > bank – > post office – > supermarket -> HOME!  I am still in 1-2-3, no, one piece! It’s exactly 24 hours since I left my house in London, and I’ve had an hour to sit down. Hardcore, I am sure you’ll agree ;)

I am pretty tired, nay shattered, and have the look of a squirrel that was plugged into some electrical device. Frazzle dazzle, frizzy hair, shell shocked face. The one advantage that I have over such an animal, is that I can have a glass of wine and sit in front of a roaring fire contemplating some culinary adventures. They, I expect, are out looking for some nuts somewhere, and I have loads here. Heh heh.

So, what will the Christmas period bring? Mulled wine, spiced nuts, chocolate salami, and that’s just today. Glazed ham, goose, roast rib of beef. Pear bellinis, great red wine, and some of my favourite hot ports. Catch ups with friends, walks on the beach. I will not be making all of this fantastic food, some of it is being cooked for me, but I do promise to come back with recipes for that which I do make.

For now, I wish you all a wonderful and very merry Xmas. Here’s to you, and a smashing 2010. Cheers, or as we say here, sláinte!




  1. rouxxx says

    Slainte to you, Niamh, and all the best wishes!
    Just wanted to leave a quick comment and wish you well for the coming year as you have been one of my inspiration sources in 2009, my year of moving on my own and cooking dangerously:)
    Enjoy your holiday and hope you’ll be back soon and ready to share some of your nice recipes and lovely humor online.
    Happy Christmas,


  2. Can’t believe you had to go via Dub! Glad you got there in one piece – my flight delayed and arrived at a very frosty Cork airport at 3.3am. :-(

    Hope you’re having a great Irish Xmas. Just had some lovely Cork spiced beef!!

    I’ll catch up when back from India. Nollaig Shona Duit.

    Caro xx

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