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Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

Well posh lunch club is very posh, we know that. But now, it’s very posh indeed, for we have been to 2 michelin star restaurant, The Ledbury.

The Ledbury has been on my list for a long time. The long ineffectual list where places langour interminably. It was raised to prominence once I saw a photo of a gorgeous, pretty amuse of beetroot meringue with foie gras. Within 5 minutes of seeing that, I had secured a lunch reservation for a set menu at a very reasonable £22.50 for two courses or £27.50 for three.

On a cosy quiet Notting Hill St, The Ledbury sits unassuumingly on a corner. Very elegant and affluent, there’s no mistaking that this is high end. It’s spacious and bright, with large windows supprting a high ceiling. It was busy but very gentle. The service was charming and I immediately felt at ease.

This is posh lunch club, so I have to do the set lunch menu, but there is a very attractive tasting menu on offer also.

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

We started with a brief chat with the sommelier on our wine. He was open, friendly, and interested in us getting the best wine within our budget and that would match our meal. Happily we had chosen the same things. There was no pretention, or snobbery, it was really refreshing. He suggested three and we went with a lovely, crisp German riesling.

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

The meal started with a divine amuse of beetroot meringue with foie gras. A lovely bright cerise pink, it was really soft and chewy, and the foie gras was melt in the mouth. More please? No? It was followed by a gorgeous brioche with onion and bacon. I was in heaven.

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

The starter was Celeriac Baked in Ash with Hazelnuts, Wood Sorrel and a Kromeski of Wild Boar. Now this was really special, the earthy ash coated the celeriac, which was sliced and had a lovely bite, the wild boar kromeski was like a meaty croquette, dense and full flavoured, the meat was extremely tender. All of the extra details were a pleasure to try and worked wonderfully, I especially loved the grated egg, note to self, use this. This was the star of the meal.

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

Our mains followed, at a gentle pace, this was a lovely leisurely lunch. We had Roast Baby Monkfish with Romanesque, Seak Kale, Razor Clams and Brown Butter which was tender, light and fresh. The fish flaked gently and had a great freh and light flavour. The squid ink on the side (I can’t remember what it was combined with) was velvet and rich, it was a perfect complement. I have since been informed that it is important not to eat young wild fish as it compromises and endangers the species, so, in retrospect, would have chosen the alternative. I know now for future choices, and wonder, if this is the issue I have been told it is, why it was there?

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury
Dessert? I can never resist forced Yorkshire rhubarb, so chose Raviolo of Rhubarb with Buttermilk and Hibiscus. The rhubarb was covered with a curious gelatinous sheet, which to my mind was unecessary, but the flavours were perfect, and the hibiscus was a wonderful accompaniment. It was served with vanilla doughnuts, which were light and crispy. I wanted more of those too.

Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

We finished with coffees and petit fours which included homemade marhshmallow and an earl grey macaron. Very good indeed and included in the price of the coffee.

The meal with amuse, water, wine, coffee and petits fours came to a very respectable £50 each. This was a very fine meal, in lovely luxurious and relaxed surroundings. I will be back, as soon as I’ve scraped together more pennies.

Another posh lunch club, another lovely lunch.



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    • Thanks Jill! I am booked up for ages now, so the doors are closed for the moment :) I do recommend you go try some of these yourself though.

  1. Sounds fabulous! I do agree however with the need for all leading restaurants to source sustainable fish and lead by example. Why offer something that threatens the future of fish stocks?

  2. gastrogeek says

    What a brilliant write up! As you know, I’m a big fan of the Ledbury.

  3. Hi Niamh,
    sounds like you had a lovely lunch. Hoping to go next month, very excited.
    A long time ago I used to work in the Fishing industry and there was no minimum landing size for Monkfish. This is because the heads are so large they are always caught, so instead the landings are controlled by total allowable catch. This means if the TAC is set correctly the stock should be kept in good order.
    On fish markets the very smallest Monkfish are declared by the auctioneer as “unfit for human consumption” and are sold for processing normally ending up as breaded scampi!
    But excluding these strange big headed fish, I absolutely agree that anyone finding undersize fish on their plate should make an almighty row about it. As the only way fish stocks will recover is if the consumer does something about it.

    There is a useful buying guide on Seafish http://tinyurl.com/monkfis that recommends checking where the fish was caught and highlights the areas with low stocks.

    I’m looking forward to the next Posh Lunch Club piece.

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  6. joyce lawrie says

    anyone who eats foie gras should be banished to room 101 with the curtains closed in solitary confinement …for ever!!

  7. A lot of hype, used to surround the Ledbury,so much so that we thought we had had an amazing meal. When the novelty wore of we realised we had not. We looked back at our photos and thought one of the dishes was very good (venison) others were not.
    Hope that makes sense.

    • I haven’t been since I posted this (which I only just realised is 4 years ago!) so can’t comment on recent performance there, but when I went I thought it excellent, and I can assure you that hype does not affect my opinion :) I do plan to return soon.

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