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Join me on Facebook & Help Send Me to Argentina!

It’s taken a little bit of time to get with the Facebook programme. I wondered if I had the time. I am already very active on twitter and flickr, and spend a lot of time cooking and doing all sorts of other things relating to food. Could I justify more time?

I asked around, why do people do it? Why is it useful? The answer was that it is a great space to do things that you may not do on your blog. Competitions, events, general announcements. But, I do that on twitter? Lots of people use facebook and don’t use twitter it seems. Most people that read this blog perhaps. So, it made sense that Eat Like a Girl have a home there too.

I’ve only just set it up and am feeling lonely. So, please come join me. I promise it will be useful, and I will never ever spam you.

In other news, our Guerrilla Wine Tasting is taking off. Our second one will be very soon. It has a life of it’s own now. A blog, twitter account ( follow @guerrilla_wine), even a facebook page. We’ve been shortlisted for a trip to Argentina as a result of it, and we are desperate to win. It’s down to a public vote so please, please vote for us. It’s a simple poll, you just need to click. Simple!

We’re not winning and every vote counts.


Sorry for shouting, but I really need a holiday :)




  1. voted!

    just back from Buenos Aires so I really hope you win! You’ll love it!

    (just posted by BA post if you’re interested)

    good luck!

  2. arnique says

    What a pity! I thought the gorilla suits were hilarious. I voted for you and thanks for your posh lunch club posts. Now I know where to go, I only need the moolah. :)

    Hope you win! I too know the travails of trying to win a travel competition. Try out the create-your-adventure contest by GAP. Just click on my link above. :)

  3. afallingleaf says

    I am very new to WordPress, but I know my sweetie loves your blog. I AM on Facebook, and I’ll DEFINITELY fan you. Best of luck! xo

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