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Cornish Pasta at Fifteen, Cornwall

Cornish Pasta at Fifteen Cornwall
Cornish Pasta? You mean pasty? No? Pasta?!

Yes folks! Cornish Pasta. I’ve just spent a wonderful weekend at Watergate Bay in Cornwall, in fact I am still here, but I had to tell you about this before I left. Fifteen Cornwall, as part of its policy of sourcing 80% of it’s products from Cornwall, has worked with local farmer Charlie Watson Smyth, who has grown, tended to and harvested Cornwall’s first commercially used durum wheat.

Six tonnes of this wheat, stone ground in Cornwall, is going to be made into authentic Cornish pasta. Exciting and innovative, isn’t it? So supportive of local industry too. I was at Fifteen Cornwall yesterday and watched a student make pasta from it. I’ve got a packet in my suitcase to cook when I get home. I’ll let you know how it is.

Cornish Pasta at Fifteen, Cornwall

I’ve had a terrific food soaked weeked of fabulous and local food, foraging on the beach, farmer’s marketing and all of it was topped off with the tasting menu at Fifteen. How sad I am to leave! For now I best get back to my big Cornish breakfast complete with coffee roasted here by the guys at Origin. There’s lots of interesting and inspiring food goings on down here. I’ll be back with more detail on all of it soon.

Cornish Pasta at Fifteen Cornwall

Enjoy your Sunday and hello British Summer Time! Woohooo! How long have we waited this year? Be gone foul Winter.




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