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Two Competitions! Gorgeous Mugs from Cornishware & Real Food Festival Tickets


Cornishware - Girls Set

I am in the throes of moving house and disconnected from this world with little cooking or dining out going on. So, what am I doing here? Well, I have two lovely competitions for you and I am running them both today.


Cornishware - Boys Set

The first prize is a set of gorgeous cheerful mugs from Cornishware that retail at £40 a box. You have a choice of his mugs or hers mugs. Being a her I prefer the colours of that set naturellement, who can resist a sunny yellow cup? But you boys can go for the more demure set if you so choose. I remember those lovely blue striped mugs from my childhood, where they graced my grandmothers table. Fond nostalgia! I am sure you have your own associations too.


The second prize – or rather four prizes – is 4 pairs of tickets for the Real Food Festival worth £30 each, which will be in London on the weekend of 7th-10th May. Bringing together top chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Giorgio Locatelli, Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Thomasina Miers and Oliver Rowe and over 400 of some of the best food and drink producers you will find anywhere, this is food and drink heaven. With Riverford Organic bringing their award-winning Field Kitchen restaurant and our own Mad Hatters Tea Party, with chef demos, livestock including a water buffalo from Laverstoke Park, milking and butter-making demos, tastings, grow your own and live music, this is a fantastic day out for all the family.

Tickets are selling fast, and for those that don’t win I also have a fantastic ticket offer of 2 tickets for £12, that’s a saving of £18 on the on the door price if you book by 4th May 2010. Simply quote RFNM when booking tickets. Book tickets online at www.realfoodfestival.co.uk or call the ticket hotline on 0871 231 0827.

How to enter:

Statistics show that only 1% or less of readers leave a comment, so I would love to hear from more of you! Leave a comment, say hello, tell a joke or a funny story, anything you want. Let me know which prize you want by stating mugs or tickets. You can enter both competitions but please leave a different comment for each. I will put the names in a hat and draw fairly.

The competition closes on Monday 3rd May at 6pm. Get commenting! Best of luck and I look forward to hearing from you!




  1. Anna says


    How nice to be the first comment.

    I would like to say that your boiling water over pork skin trick gives me the best crackling I’ve ever had.

    & if I should win, I would very much like the mugs…

    All the very best,


  2. Diana says

    Oooh competitions! I’d like to enter the draw for the girls set of mugs please, they remind me of the ones my mum has in her kitchen at home, takes me back to drinking earl grey by the aga. Funny how little things can bring back such memories.

  3. The Little Welsh says

    Hi! I would like to enter the MUGS competition please :)

    I thought I’d share a little song about beans with you…

    Beans, beans, the musical fruit,
    The more you eat,
    The more you toot
    The more you toot, the better you feel,
    You should eat beans with every meal…

    Enjoy :D

    The Little Welsh


  4. I like free stuff and I love Cornishware

    I also love that pork recipe you do

    Mmmm pork

    All round win

  5. Confession – I don’t read your blog that often. I am not despite my love of food a ‘foodie’ in the sense I want to read about cooking it, I am however always after London based restaurant ideas. I have though recommended you to a good friend who is a ‘foodie’ and loves it, as she is a bit down in the dumps currently due to boy troubles a pair of tickets to the good food thingy may cheer her up and I could probably find something to eat.

  6. Katie mackenzie says

    I have a wee funny story,my daughter moved out to her first flay on Easter Monday,now I’m confused she’s been here EVERY night bar 1 for her tee….she leaves universitary & comes straight here,I’m confused…did she really move out.I do miss her but to be honest she’s always here xx I would love the cups to give to lisa for her new flat.thank you x

  7. I would like the mugs please…or the tickets…or the mugs. Hmm, it’s indecisive Wednesday. Basically I would be ecstatically happy with the gorgeous mugs or the tickets.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog very much since discovering you through Twitter. I also have a food blog (The Adventurous Glutton…nice plug, eh?…but I only update it once a week and it’s pretty low maintenance) so fully appreciate the time and energy that you put into it. It’s reassuring to find other people that have such a single track mind about food, as I do. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. Katie Russell says

    Poem about Mugs

    Mugs hang on a mug tree waiting for you

    and filling a kettle is what we do

    put in coffee or tea what ever you prefer

    then when its done enjoy the steaming mug

    with a good read of the newspaper or book

    and before you know it,it is empty.
    Then I wash the mug with fairy liquid and water
    and I dry it well and rehang on the mug tree until next time I use it again.

    If I win I would like the mugs please as cant have too many of those.


    Twitter name:Sapphire2uk

    thanks for running this competition.

  9. Nicola A says

    Could I enter for the mugs please? I absolutely adore them and like you, I prefer the ‘her’ set. They remind me of sunny days in the country – aaah.

    Thank you for offering such a lovely prize :) x

  10. Daisy says

    I would like to enter the MUGS competition as I will probably be in work during the Real Food Festival :(

    I just wanted to say thank you – I have been so busy at work recently and only have one day off each week and no time for socialising during the evenings. So on that one day I have been taking myself off for ‘posh lunches’ (or posh afternoon tea) with excellent company. I spend the weekdays remembering how lovely my last lunch was and pondering where to go next. I love it so much that I will be keeping it up post-election. Mmm… lunch.


  11. Sarah says


    I’d like to enter the Mugs competition too…

    Your blog introduced me to the wonders of belly pork, and I’m now a fully-paid-up crack(ling) addict too.

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  13. Lisa says

    I like website a lot!!

    I should be better at commenting as in ‘real life’ I always have something to say!!

    Must try harder!

    I would love to win the mugs…

    Fingers crossed! x

  14. Kath says


    I would like to win the mugs please. I was going to post a joke but it might not be very PC! Good luck with the house move and thanks for the comps!

  15. See, everyone likes pork

    Except vegetarians

    But I don’t like vegetarians so that’s ok

    Niamh can you do a steak club that’s for boys and girls

    I missed out on the DH because I didn’t find out on time and on the Girls Steak Club because I am a boy


    Pork night would work too

  16. Hello says

    would love to enter the cornishware mugs competition!they would look great in my kitchen and very pretty for summer too!

  17. Hellooo, my funny story involves a conversation I had at the weekend in County Mayo.

    Irish man in a bar – So do you have any Irish blood in you?

    Me – Yes, of course I do *hic*

    IMIAB – Whereabouts yer family from?

    Me – er…..ah…Lilliput!

    IMIAB – What the place with all the little people!?!?!

    Me – er no sorry…I mean Limerick

    Put me in the Real Food Festival basket please!

  18. Gillian says

    great competition! i would like to win the girls mugs please.
    haven’t commented on your blog before but I’ve been enjoying reading it (and have tried a few of your recipes) for a wee while now.

  19. Snafflepuss says

    Ooh, what luvverly mugs you ‘ave! I’ll be coveting them if I don’t win!

  20. Hi There,
    Have just found you, your blog and your website so look forward to reading and hearing more.
    I would love the sunny side up girlie mugs which would brighten up every day.
    Thanks and good luck with the house move

  21. charlotte says

    Well this is my first time stumbling across your site. Impressed I am muchly!

    Those mugs are absolutely devine!

    I look forward to reading this site more often. I is thinking I may be hooked :-p

    And if I win, I’d take the mugs to the food festival, which I’m already going to.

    Every mug deserves a good day out once in a while :-p

    Charlotte :-D

  22. ah now, what lovely mugs you have got!

    I think the girls’ set is lovely, but both have the trad Cornishware blue and white, so I don’t mind :)

    I have all of my wooden spoons and such in a huge all white Cornishware jug, really lovely things.

  23. wanderlee says

    I’ve only discoverd this blog about 2 weeks ago but if there’s going to be prizes I shall definitely stick around!

    I would very much like to go in the draw for the mugs, girlie ones pleeeease. They will go beautifully with our one surviving cornish-ware plate!

  24. Louise says

    Hi Niamh

    Love the blog! I would like the Read Food Fest tickets please.


  25. and of course I want to go to the Real Food Festival and see everyone there!

    Will you be going to the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party in fancy dress? Who will you be..

    I shall, of course, be the Red Queen. :)

    • Helen says

      Love your blog – discovered it only this week due to boring days at work and obsession with food, now I never have to be bored again.
      Would like the tickets please to surprise my boyfriend with!

  26. I’m one of the 1% as I do try and leave comments to let bloggers know when I’ve enjoyed reading a post! :)

    Would love to be entered for the mugs, I don’t mind boys or girls colouring, I think both are nice, so if I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll leave you to pick a surprise colour set!


  27. Louis Anthony Woodbine says

    I love Cornish ware… memories of my Great Aunt in her cottage in North Wales… sea blue and ivory white (and always chipped)… Seen the new colours, man enough for pink, and the gloriously daffodil appeals too for a cup of tea, but so does the green and the St Pedroc black and white (how wonderfully apt).

    You have reminded me that I should go to the Real Food Festival anyway… who knows if I will be lucky this time… great offer! Lou

  28. DebraDoherty says

    Hi! Well you just know that people are lurking around your blog but not saying anything yet I’m guilty of the same! I love this blog, I love reading about good food from a fellow female food enthusiast.
    Mugs if I win please.
    Keep up the good work :)

  29. Caroline says


    I’d like to enter the ticket competition please.

    I have left a few comments before so am one of your 1%!

    My favourite recipes of yours = duck legs and the tortilla pizzas.


  30. Hello – I’ve just moved house and sorely lacking in the matching mugs department! Please save me from being a social outcast and pick me to win the matching mugs!

  31. Jennifer says

    I love those mugs!
    Have been following your moving adventures on Twitter and empathising – was about a month ahead of you. Still unpacking but the girlie mugs would look gorgeous in my new kitchen.

  32. Hello.
    As soon as I get the email telling me that you’ve posted your latest blog, I’m straight there having a read. It’s your blog that I look for inspiration when cooking, as with the case of my Chicken cooked on top of Lentils. Taken from your Wild Boar and lentil recipe.
    I’d like to enter for the Cornish Mugs please. Memories of childhood are flooding back when I see them. They would be perfect for my Vintage (60th) Birthday Tea Party in July for guests that want a grander pot of tea.

  33. I love the mugs, and would like to enter the comp.

    Just back from GBK where I ate like a preggers girl I am… burger, fries and milkshake. So it was great to find your website via a Twitter link, I’ve now bookmarked this site to read & followed you!


  34. hi,

    1%…. you’re doing well! i get about half that..but thats probaly becuse you’re blog is twice as good as mine

    ….mugs please…if I am so lucky

    ….i hope that glass of syrah went down nicely last night.

  35. Vixen says

    Wow, look at all these comments!

    I do, on occassions, leave comments on blog posts and I have left a comment on here before though I can’t remember why. It might have been a pork belly post, which made my tummy rumble.

    I do read your posts. I love the sense of personality that you put into your posts (and tweets). The panic about moving house (again!) and the food stall you ran with the late nights and even earlier mornings of crazy food preparation and bread making.

    I’d love to win the tickets to the Real Food Festival…meant to go last year but didn’t make it in the end.

    You were also very lovely about my Mac&cheese recipe and encouraged me to write my own blog post. Inspirational indeed.

    Happy eating.


    Happy eating!

  36. helen says

    Pointed here by a retweet from the festival and glad to have found a great new blog to read. Prefer tickets.

  37. anna says

    ooh, I’d love tickets to the Real Food Festival – I’ve never been and I could take my daughter who is in danger of becoming a bigger foodie than me… I’ve only just started reading your posts and I love them – interesting, funny and informative, what more could you want :-)

  38. I love this blog. I would like to enter the mugs competition please. I like both sets so either is fine with me! :-)

  39. Hello, Just discovered you on a random tweet and like the look of your blog so I’ll be off to investigate further !

    The mugs look lovely so I’d love to win those – thanks :-)

  40. Hey Niamh, what a lovely prize. I want them mugs! I’m going to London yet again this weekend. Know anywehre cheaper than the GAte veggie restaurant near oxford street.?

  41. Livvy says

    Gosh, you’ve found my weakness – I’m such a sucker for competitions. Been reading your blog for ages now, and following your tweets.

    Entering for the beautiful mugs please!

    Love, Livvy X

  42. Livvy says

    In fact, such a sucked for competitions I’m entering twice. This time for the real food festival tickets, which would be a bright spot in my exam ridden term.

    Livvy X

  43. LittleFfarm Dairy says

    Hi Niamh –

    Jo from Lovespoon, here. I always try to comment on Blogs (when I get the rare chance to read them!) as I appreciate how much time & effort goes in to writing & photographing a post. I write a couple of Blogs myself; but am woefully behind as so bloomin’ busy. I came across you via Twitter & must say I’ll be back as a regular visitor, always great to find a well-written & interesting Blog.

    Golly, what gorgeous mugs! Cornishware has such timeless elegance & is reminiscent of farmhouse kitchens with the kettle singing on the hob and a gentler pace of life. Not that we get that here with the goats….

    So; onto a tale of our cheeky caprine chums, & how they too like their tea. One day my OH was hard at work in the old goat shed so I took him a cuppa with a plate of ginger nuts to keep him going. He paused in gratitude, & leaned comfortably over the gate whilst supping the steamy brew & viewing the contentedly-cudding Milkforce.

    Vine – she of the long eyelashes, capacious udder & luxuriant facial hair – sidled up to Tony for her oft-asked-for cuddle. Taking a bite of his biscuit he went to give her an ‘air kiss’; but infuriated at the sight of the ginger delight disappearing down his throat, Vine promptly stuck her tongue into his mouth to retrieve it!

    He was so shocked he dropped his mug & got hot tea down his trousers. Meanwhile Vine had already made off with the remaining ginger nut which had been sitting folornly on the plate.

    I have since discovered that she also loves Marmite….needless to say when I’m snaffling my breakfast toast at morning milking, I keep well away from the lovely Lady Vine!!

    Needless to say if I was lucky enough to win a prize I’d love the ‘girlie’ mugs, please; they’re such pretty, refreshing colours & spring seems to be such a long time arriving, down here in the valley.

    Sadly being a full-time farmer I won’t have an opportunity to get to the Real Food Festival this year as Tony will be away & we still have goats due to kid; London is, alas, so far away….

    However, maybe next year we too will be there, proudly showcasing our lovely gelato. Well; I can dream…!

  44. Natalie says

    I would LOVE the girls’ set of mugs, I’ll be moving out into the big bad world soon (so excited and nervous, argh!) and I think a touch of home would calm me down a bit! :)

  45. Alice says

    Just to say hi, and I’ve only just started reading your blog, having found in on a newspaper’s Best Food Blog sites. I’m really enjoying reading about your food goings on, basically, and wish I were in London in the moment (currently on a Year Abroad in Madrid!) so I could try all those restaurants. But I will work on it during May when I’m coming back!

    Also, I just want to add your Posh Lunch club is a really wonderful idea. I love trying the menus, a sort of “show me what you’ve got!” challenge, and the lunchtime prices make them possible (well, easier on the conscience, at any rate!)

    So thank you, (I would love to be entered for some tickets and take along my mum), and I hope you keep writing (and taking photographs…!)

  46. Livvy says

    Oh PS. Re mugs, could I pop my entry in for the girls mugs please? :)

  47. Amyeee says

    Since everyone is sharing such hilarious stories, I want to too…

    We moved house last year, and our precious little ‘inside’ cats took it pretty badly. Especially the big fat black cat, Mog (here he is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amyeee/3958324956/).

    A few hours after we moved him, he was very shocked and spent some time hiding under the sofa. My partner and I decided to help him with the shyness by carrying him upstairs and and placing him on our freshly made bed for some calming strokes. He responded by releasing the most grotesque puddle of poo you’ve ever seen or smelt. Thanks Mog.

    I love your blog NEEEV and I love the mugs. But don’t enter me in the comp because I know you, and everyone will think it was rigged if I won ;)

  48. I’ve already bought my RFF tickets – 3rd year running and hoping to leave as merry as I did the last one (is also just after my birthday!) …. I never mix my drinks but it always seems like a good idea on the day as so many nice things to try and buy (suitcase is coming this time!)…last time I ended up in a pizza place afterwards and ordered the spiciest one on the menu thinking it was a good idea, in my slightly inebriated state – it soon sobered me up!!

    Both mugs are very pretty but would like the girly ones if my name gets drawn :)

  49. I think I discovered your blog when someone tweeted about your yummy food from the Real Food Market in Covent Garden… I actually went and bought something from your stall, you weren’t there though! :P

    Would love the “she” mugs, they’re gorgeous. *fingers crossed*

  50. Fifitrixibelle says

    I think its time you branched off into a new blog on serial movers. I can join that one. As regards mugs, I think I already have a boy mug (don’t tell him i called him that) so a girl mug would e nice :)

  51. I keep saying I must get tickets for the Real Food Fest and I really must so may have bought them by the time you draw the competition – so if I was lucky enough to win I’d like the girls mugs please :)

    btw your blog was one of the first I started reading but I can’t remember if I’ve ever left a comment before – have a feeling I’m a lurker!!

  52. wow! i’ve never seen so many comments on your blog :)

    I’ll still stick my name down for your comp though ‘TICKETS’ please ;)

    My daughter’s favourite joke at the moment. What has four legs and one arm? A happy lion.

    See – it was even vaguely food-related!

  53. You don’t have to enter me in the contest…. I live too far away. I just thought I’d comment here to say hi and tell a funny Brit-Poltics joke I read on Twitter the other day (which might be old hat over there by now, who knows):

    Q: How do you annoy Heather Mills?

    A: Nick Clegg

    ho ho ho!

  54. Hello, I would love to win tickets!

    I already have loads of Cornishware, I wish the blue domino range was still available though with the spots as the two went so well together. Even when you find it now, the dots are done by machine and not hand and it doesn’t look so quirky.

  55. thingswemake says

    I was thinking last night as I photographed my tea, whilst all those around me were EATING theirs, about the joys of being a food blogger:

    About the fact that there is ALWAYS flour on the shutter release button of my camera…
    that there is butter on my lens (and not for romantic dreamy photo reasons)…
    how there is always a selection of odd ‘props’ in my spare room…
    that I often end up eating off an oversized white plate…
    that the neighbours must think I am a nutter, crouching on the lawn with photographing a sandwich…
    that even my 8 year old son routinely smiles up at the camera with a fork balanced in his hand, then says “can I eat it now?”

    But then…I have found a lovely sharing community of people, who love to eat and cook for each other, and whenever I have a quiet moment in the depths of a winter evening I can look back at a beautiful picture of delicious food from the garden on a sunny day and it makes it all worthwhile.

    I love Cornishware, I treated myself to the little sage jug recently and the MUGS would compliment it perfectly.

    Claire @ thingswemake

  56. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhmygodohmygodohmygod…
    Basically… I love mugs. I reeeaaally struggle to *not* buy sexy mugs when I see them. And these are REALLY sexy mugs.
    AND they’re *CORNISH*ware…. I am Cornish. From Cornwall. But not living in Cornwall #sadface#. Therefore, I would really really really like to win some mugs. Sexy mugs. Sexy Cornishware mugs.

  57. Also… I reallllly like food, so Real Food Festival?? Locatelli?? Death by happiness on a plate. Pick me, pick me!!! :D

  58. I was flicking through a past issue of The Times (8 April 2010) for work the other day and came across a fantastic right up for eatlikeagirl.com. It included your tip for the crackliest pork crackling. Let me know if you haven’t seen it and I’ll scan it in and send it over via Twitter.

    Hope the house move goes well

    Please can I enter the cornishware mug competition. I’d like the girlie ones if possible.


  59. Emelia F says

    I do love your blog and your tweets and competitions too…. so much so that I am starting my own blog…. will hopefully be able to share it with you soon and perhaps hook up for some shameless marketing!!!
    In the meantime I would like to leave a great tip for anyone who like to try and make macroons – age your age whites for a good couple of days before making the macroon batter, it really helps to create the perfect “foot”!!

    Emelia from Mon Petit Chou Fleur

  60. Hi there

    Love your blog, read it all the time!
    Visited borough market last december on your rec and of course absolutely loved the place and cannot wait to go back.
    Would love to win this prize,


  61. Oh I love those mugs they are gorgeous. Full of very fond memories of hot chocolate and marshmellows. They would be perfect filled with hot steaming Vanilla Mist with a hot buttered crumpet or three!

    Love your blog and love that you created a competition from your research findings that only 1% of readers leave comments. Brilliant!

    I’d love to win the girls set of mugs ; )

  62. vvxx says

    hewo! here’s my posty post from facebook pasted to your blog! I’ve been reading for about a year now and this is my first post, weird huh?

    Anyway i love the mugs!!!

    Byeee from dublin!

  63. Dickiegirl says

    This blog is one of my favourites. I dip in and out to get ideas, see where’s great to go in London and learn a little about what’s going on in your life. (Good luck with the move by the way!)

    You recipes are delicious (the ones I’ve tried so far) and your pork rolls at the market are still one of my favourite Thursday lunches from last year. (TOP crackling!)

    I would love the Girly mugs, but whether I win or I don’t, I will still continue to dip in and out of eatlikeagirl.com.

  64. Lucii says


    I would like to enter the ‘food tickets’ draw please – they would be a fab father/daughter day out as a gift for my dad!

    I do love your porky recipes – pouring boiling water over the fat really does make the best crackling! It always makes me smile to see a blog post from you in my email inbox!

    Keep up the blogging!


  65. Blimey almost missed this. You’re right they are like granny mugs (mine was a Connemara granny) but I’m thinking they don’t come with chipped edges like Granny Nee! Hers were always filled with sweet, strong tea and cow tasting unpasturised milk which horrified us city grandchildren. But we did like her soda bread and home-churned salty butter. Nice memories : )

    Boys please if I’m lucky to get a choice! Unfortunately I’m very very good at providing my own chipped bits.

  66. i love competitions!
    i think it has been a long time since i commented on your blog after reading it for quite some time ….. every since I fell in love with food, so probably 2 years ago.

    Im entering because i am not sure whether to go to hampton court foodie festival or this one. I want to go to both! But tickets prices are steep, being a student and all T_T

    So this is for the ‘food ticket’ comment!!! =)

  67. im entering twice, this time for the mugs.

    You got me, i have an ultra soft spot for competitions. T_T

  68. Andy says

    The gf was looking at this, thought i’ll enter too so can suprise her if i win.


  69. Jolene says

    I love the girlie mugs, and I love your website! I just bookmarked it. How lovely to stumble upon it the day you are giving away these gorgeous mugs.

  70. Caroline Duong says

    I’ve always wondered why cakes were the designated ‘food’ for birthdays, Pie is so much better. why wasn’t it pie? I love Pie :)

    haha just random though, entering for real food festival tickets ! Thanks!

  71. tyelperion says

    I’d love to win either gender set of Cornishware, as I married my very own Cornishman three weeks ago!

    I guess all his Cornish relatives thought cornishware was too boring to give as a wedding gift and we didn’t get any sadly…

  72. tyelperion says

    Oh and I’d like to enter the competition for the tickets as well!

  73. fussfreeflavours says

    I would love the girls mug set.

    And a quicky recipe, simmer equal weights of cream, butter and soft dark brown sugar for a yumsome butterscotch fudgy sauce.

  74. Erin says

    I hope the unpacking is going well.

    Looking forward to your return to Covent Garden so Elliot and I can have an excuse to go for a visit. As I now live in a household full of boys (even the dog! sheesh!) I’d like my comment to go in the girl mug pile please. Have to fly the flag somehow!

    Would love to go to the food show but am off to the old country. Want anything from The Canada? Candied salmon? Buffalo jerky? Pemmican? x

  75. Lynne Miles says

    Hi Niamh. Throwing my hat into the ring for the girls’ mugs. I am totally in love with cornishware stuff, although my boyfriend will probably be furious with me for OH MY GOD GETTING MORE MUGS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WOMAN, WE HAVE SO MANY MUGS ALREADY. But what does he know?

  76. Louise says

    Hi Niamh,
    I would love to enter for the mugs. They look gorgeous.
    Your dal/dhal recipe looks great. It is definitely on the menu for next week. Thanks

  77. As my home is currently being rewired and refitted my kitchen is packed away in boxes in the garage and my cooker is dead. I am in an odd culinary limbo subsisting on cup-a-soups and sandwiches. I suspect that the boy’s mug set would make my cup-a-soup purgatory slightly more palatable as they would infuse a soupçon of extra flavour, the sweet taste of victory – which probably doesn’t go well with oxtail, but what the heck it’s worth a try.

  78. You’ve reminded me that I grew up with Cornishware – at least, via one of my grandmothers. Had some at home, too. Strange to think I don’t have any myself now!

    Please, then, the mugs for me :) Girls’ or boys’ set, I don’t mind.

    In the meantime, hope you get all settled and sorted at your new flat asap!

  79. Snehal says

    ummm, I like free stuff!!

    MUG competition please!

    I’d like the girl ones (being a girl!!..)


  80. Snehal says

    oh i’d also like to enter the tickets competion please!!

    i like your pork belly – mine never looks so pretty!!

  81. I am one of the lurkers. I will say this though, your methods of cooking pork belly are favourites in my house now!

    (If I win, I would very much appreciate the girls mugs please)

  82. Hello!!!
    A lot of people have mentioned your pork belly but it is worth mentioning! It’s one of my favourite cuts, i love it with sticky, gooey, crunchy roast potato’s and spring greens with cider reduction and apple sauce…. yummy!! And i would love to enter the competition for the set of girls mugs please, i really do need some new ones and they are lovely, thank you!xx

  83. I just stumbled across your blog – looks fantastic, and yum! I agree, the vast majority of readers don’t comment, but we love to communicate, right?
    I would love to enter the competition for the mugs (I’m afraid I will be away for the festival) – I am not fussy which set, girls or boys – I love stripes!

  84. AOG says

    TOKEN Male (Surely I’m not the first to read/enter comp?) would like to present his entry for the MALE CUPS!

    Personally, I have minimal issues with the ‘eating like a girl’ tag for this wonderful blog, but do other readers wonder if the title on this (really, rather gender-less, joyful-in-tone) blog is offputting for those male readers that baulk at the ‘SATC’ness of contemporary life? Just a thought…

  85. Brilliant competition. I’d love the girls mugs and would give them a good tea-drinking home. Oh. And it’s my birthday tomorrow :-)

    Sarah x

  86. But on the other hand it would also be spectacular to have a good excuse to leave Norfolk for a day and eat my way round the Real Food Festival :-)

    *Greedy Taurean*


  87. Paddy says


    I’d recommend Apselys for the Posh Lunch Club. Went yesterday the food was very good, loads of freebies and set menu available on the weekend for lunch.


    Mugs please

  88. Hello dearie, I just found this blog and my, is it a treasure to come across a gastronomy blog like this. I love my food and my boyfriend and I have a night every week where we pick a country and cook a meal based on that cultural menu. Experimentation is key!

    I’d quite like to enter for the mugs please. I really don’t mind which, his or hers is fine. I’m moving house in three weeks and new kitchenware always sets the tone! xoxo

  89. Thanks everyone for the *amazing* comments, some really made me chuckle! The winners have been chosen randomly and have been contacted. Thanks so much for entering – I think I will have to have another competition soon. x

  90. Mrs Fancy says

    Well, this is my FIRST time ever leaving a comment anywhere after years of just lurking! I would love to attend the real food festival please! I went a few years ago and it was brilliant! Thanks!

Over to you! Your comments - I would love to hear from you :)