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Drumroll! Competition Winners and their Fantastic Stories

What a terrific response there was to the competition last weekend for the Real Food Festival tickets and the Cornishware mugs. I only wish I could have given everyone something – it was lovely to received so many comments from you all (100 in total!) and to hear some of your hilarious stories.


The winners are:

The gorgeous Cornishware mugs were won by Zoe Wells.

For the Real Food Festival Tickets: Sonia Porter, Zoe Vanderwolk, Caroline Duong & Louise Hughes.

Congratulations all! The winners were chosen randomly using the random number generator at www.random.org. All ladies this time even though many guys entered. It’s the luck of the draw I guess.

Your comments were superb, I can’t tell you how nice it was to hear from you and to get your fab feedback and your wonderful stories and in some cases poems! I hope you don’t mind me sharing some here. They are too good not to :)

Next time, I am giving a prize for best comment too. Maybe someone would like to donate one for these worthy commenters (really!). Before I do, to the gentleman who queried the gender specific nature of this blog, well,  is tongue in cheek and not at all Sex & The City influenced – that I can assure you. It’s just fun – girls eat, boys eat, we all eat, and I like to write about it. And, I am a girl. It’s just the way it is!

First up, a gem from Danny at Food Urchin. Irish readers will appreciate this:

Food Urchin:

Hellooo, my funny story involves a conversation I had at the weekend in County Mayo.

Irish man in a bar – So do you have any Irish blood in you?

Me – Yes, of course I do *hic*

IMIAB – Whereabouts yer family from?

Me – er…..ah…Lilliput!

IMIAB – What the place with all the little people!?!?!

Me – er no sorry…I mean Limerick


And finally, this gem from Jo at Lovespoon. I dare you not to splutter your tea/coffee all over the screen as you read it!

LittleFfarm Dairy:

Hi Niamh –

Jo from Lovespoon, here. I always try to comment on Blogs (when I get the rare chance to read them!) as I appreciate how much time & effort goes in to writing & photographing a post. I write a couple of Blogs myself; but am woefully behind as so bloomin’ busy. I came across you via Twitter & must say I’ll be back as a regular visitor, always great to find a well-written & interesting Blog.

Golly, what gorgeous mugs! Cornishware has such timeless elegance & is reminiscent of farmhouse kitchens with the kettle singing on the hob and a gentler pace of life. Not that we get that here with the goats….

So; onto a tale of our cheeky caprine chums, & how they too like their tea. One day my OH was hard at work in the old goat shed so I took him a cuppa with a plate of ginger nuts to keep him going. He paused in gratitude, & leaned comfortably over the gate whilst supping the steamy brew & viewing the contentedly-cudding Milkforce.

Vine – she of the long eyelashes, capacious udder & luxuriant facial hair – sidled up to Tony for her oft-asked-for cuddle. Taking a bite of his biscuit he went to give her an ‘air kiss’; but infuriated at the sight of the ginger delight disappearing down his throat, Vine promptly stuck her tongue into his mouth to retrieve it!

He was so shocked he dropped his mug & got hot tea down his trousers. Meanwhile Vine had already made off with the remaining ginger nut which had been sitting folornly on the plate.

I have since discovered that she also loves Marmite….needless to say when I’m snaffling my breakfast toast at morning milking, I keep well away from the lovely Lady Vine!!

Needless to say if I was lucky enough to win a prize I’d love the ‘girlie’ mugs, please; they’re such pretty, refreshing colours & spring seems to be such a long time arriving, down here in the valley.

Sadly being a full-time farmer I won’t have an opportunity to get to the Real Food Festival this year as Tony will be away & we still have goats due to kid; London is, alas, so far away….

However, maybe next year we too will be there, proudly showcasing our lovely gelato. Well; I can dream…!




  1. hahaha at Jo’s goats!! Fancy being french kissed by a Capricorn!!

    Sooo funny..

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says

      I get it all the time…!! Fortunately husband Tony also happens to be Capricorn…perhaps why he gets on so unerringly well, with the Milkforce Ladies…!! ;0)

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  3. LittleFfarm Dairy says

    Hi Niamh –

    so glad you enjoyed our LittleFfarm Dairy snippet – as you can imagine our goats’ antics almost make us the Welsh version of the Archers (not to mention our lovely Lady Melwyn – white, & ‘pure as the driven snow’ (had enough of THAT over December/January!) has fallen madly in love with Delamere’s cheeky Prime Ministerial caprine candidate, Jack the Goat…. honestly; I ask you. She insisted I put up photos of her favourite Beau in the Milking Parlour, for her to moon over….well; if it encourages her to wantonly offer me more milk – who am I, to complain?!

    Vine still demanding ginger nuts for milk – gives such a cheeky kick to the Gelato! ;0)

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