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Moving Food: For Me, A Steak

Hawksmoor Steak Tasting

I am cocooned in a sea of boxes and enormous bags full of pointless unnecessary treasures. I have moved house.

It started in an organised fashion, but as time escaped descended into more chaotic survival packing, chucking everything into boxes, vaguely ordered by room, vaguely ordered by nonsense.

Surrounded by stuff, I was without all of it, for I had no idea where anything was. I know that all you organised kids are tearing your hair out now, shocked at the chaos of it all, but really, isn’t moving always like this, at least on some level for everyone?

Faced with the challenge of imminent overwhelming hunger and no plans for dinner, and no clue as to where to retrieve my kitchen tools at short notice, I uncovered the hob from beneath a stack of boxes, retrieved my bright orange cast iron pan as it was easy to spot, and charred a steak which was quickly and hungrily devoured.

Steak offers sustenance and it’s speedy food. A good steak tastes great, charred on the outside on a scalding hot griddle, and bright pink, meltingly tender and rare within, with only a sprinkle of smoked sea salt for company. Washed down with a nice Malbec, I can’t think of anything better. The pleasure I got from eating it offered moments of divine distraction, before I headed back into the sneezy wonderland that is unpacking boxes.

What do you reach for when you’re moving house, when every second is precious, and everything is packed away?



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  1. Louis Anthony Woodbine says

    Oh Lord… you have set me off on the hunt for a decent steak tonight… hope you settle in soon… Lou

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  3. I always know where my kettle, tea bags and cool bag are so it’s usually a cup of tea and a cheese and avocado sandwich! Not very adventurous but always greatly welcomed!

  4. charlotte says

    For 3 days after moving last time I was fridgeless. Que 3 days on bagels and peanut butter.

  5. Wow that steak looks superlush! Good for you to cook something in all that chaos. When we last moved we located the best chippy we could find and sat on the floor and hoovered up salty fish and chips…

  6. I think I’d go out for a big bowl of comforting laksa!! (Admittedly, I’m always so excited about exploring the new local restaurants when I first move, that the stove gathers a bit of dust for a while!) I can almost taste that lovely looking steak…

    • Oh I love Laksa! I make a good one too although it’s three years since I blogged it. Might blog it again.

  7. Helen says

    That is onge huge good looking steak.

    When I move the first thing I do is make my bed and find the kit needed to make coffee so I can sleep when I want to and make coffee when I get up. The coffee in the morning is essential as the realisation of the boxes and chaos is enough to make me dive back under the duvet for the rest of the day.

    Happily I have only moved twice since coming to London.

    • Yes – coffee is key. The moka was one of the first things to be pulled out of a box.

      I’ve been unlucky with houses being sold so sadly have had to move alot.

  8. I’m with you, I’d go for the steak. One time I was in overseas and didn’t eat meat for 3 weeks. All I could think of – it was practically an obsession – was a Porterhouse steak, sea salt only, cooked rare, and bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Which is exactly what I ate within 3 hours of arriving home. I’m pickier now about the source of the steak (I’d want to know from which particular farm & butcher team it came) but it’d still be the steak.

  9. Eggy things for sure: poached, scrambled, in carbonara sauce if I can muster it….

    And plenty of wine!

  10. cool blog! This is the only other digg 3 column theme I’ve seen out there other than ours. Congrats on the nod from the Times!

  11. Tory Bers says

    When I’m moving, I reach for the phone for take out. Come to think of it, I reach for the phone even when I’m not moving. That steak sure does look good!

  12. dion62 says

    Ouzo of course… while waiting for the Greek pizza to be delivered.

  13. Hi, I am a new bloger, have just found your siteI live in a tiny greek hill village so would kill for that steak as they only hang meat for 8 days here, I look forword to visitin often, my blog is
    Food plus other stuff even some fiction It would be good if any one with more experience in blogging would comment on the general style and content

  14. I make sure that the kettle and toaster are put in a little basket, with bread, butter, peanut butter and ingredients for tea. That way while packing up one home and unpacking at the new place it is possible to have tea and toast.

    Of course, as I learned on my last move, it helps to also keep out some coffee mugs:)

  15. We just recently redid our kitchen so I completely understand where you are coming from, as long as you have your grill handy you can make alot (fish, chicken) then of course there is always takeout!

  16. Only you would think of steak as a snack food, Niamh! :)
    When I’m looking for something quick and easy, I’ll make a quesadilla with a couple of mild jalapenos thrown on top. I usually try and keep a supply of tortillas in the fridge, a holdover from my mexican-american childhood.

  17. LittleFfarm Dairy says

    Hi again, Niamh –

    Our nearest restaurants, takeaways & deli is a fifteen-minute drive from us (unsurprisingly I suppose, being farmers!) as we live deep in the heart of the gorgeous, green, rolling Welsh countryside.

    When we moved here back in Autumn 2005 I was worried about even managing to snatch a meal when we arrived after an utterly exhausting, sleepless, 48 hours; our journey from the Cotswolds to West Wales took a fair bit of time & we had animals to move as well; not to mention that as soon as the removals van left, we committed ourselves to deep-cleaning the old house from top to bottom to give the new owner something less to worry about when we handed over the keys, late that afternoon.

    Fortunately my family formed an impromptu reception committee for the removals company; so when we finally arrived – exhausted & desperately hungry (just as the sun was starting to slip slowly behind the majestic Preseli Mountains in a blaze of glorious gold) we discovered that all the rooms in our cottage farmhouse, whilst inevitably stuffed to the gunnels with unpacked boxes, at least had furniture neatly reassembled & organised; with the kitchen utensils+crockery already partially unpacked & a superb spread on the dining table along with a magnum of champagne generously donated by the previous occupants.

    Most of the meal had been cooked either on or in the reliable old Rayburn: now our loveable, cranky, steadfast kitchen friend; & despite feeling like the Dormouse in Alice & Wonderland (especially after a glass or three of bubbly…!) it was by far the best, most welcome food I’d devoured (before or since) in a long time.

    There were thick slabs of meltingly tender, mature rare steak served with the perfect foil of a crisp, cool salad; juicy great hot chunks of fat field mushroom; & herb-encrusted, earthy, oven-roast potato wedges that ensured said meal was a culinary marriage made in heaven.

    It was a wonderful, memorable occasion; not least as well, because that especially-special repast, marked the first day of the rest of our lives….

    We’ve enjoyed so many great dishes & wonderful, abiding memories to treasure since that day; punctuated with the ineviable depth-despairing heartache, struggle & sorrow that Life inevitably flings at us all, as part of a richer & hopefully more fulfilling tapestry.

    But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    And I wanted to offer worthy congratulations on your Times accolade; truly deserved for a Very Fine Blog, indeed.

    P.S. Regarding steak…. a friend of ours out in Dubai told me he went out for a steak with “the boys” last weekend – & it cost him a staggering £100+ for just the steak & two glasses of house wine. He did say the steak was by far the finest he’d ever eaten (I should bloomin’ well hope so…!); & that diners at every table were scrabbling to suck even the marrow from the bones, it was THAT good (or was it the price – VFM?!)

    Anyway, he’s made a sharp move: & is now dating the Manageress of said Steakhouse!! I have warned him that there’s no such thing as a free lunch…. ;0)

    Cheers aye; & good, comfortable luck in your new home –

    Jo + Lovespoon Gelato/LittleFfarm Dairy menagerie.

  18. Loved the steak picture! Now I’m hungry.

    When I move, I try to keep it very simple. Sandwiches. It will either be a banana sandwich with buttered bread if I haven’t found the box with the pots and pans or grilled ham and cheese (if I have unpacked the skillet) with tomato soup. Your steak sounds much better!

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