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(Cornish) Posh Lunch Club at Tom’s Kitchen

Cornish Menu at Tom Aikens

This weeks Posh Lunch Club is a little different. I was treated to a preview of a Cornish Simple Pleasures menu at Tom’s Kitchen in Kensington, a showcase of some of the finest Cornish produce. Very much a fishy affair with MSC certified Cornish mackerel and Cornish mullet fresh from Cornish day boats taking the stage for the starter and main course, with Apple Tart Fine and Cornish Kelly’s Ice Cream (indulgently made with clotted cream) for dessert.

Cornish Menu at Tom Aikens

A little first on MSC certification. The MSC’s fishery certification program and seafood ecolabel recognise and reward sustainable fishing. By promoting the best environmental choices in seafood, they are helping to protect the over fished and traumatised sea beds, and hopefully, will ensure that as a result, there will be fish available for everyone for years to come. That of course is dependant on us the consumers making more responsible choices and supporting what they do when we shop and eat out. I try to, and it’s becoming easier, there’s a handy guide on their website if you’d like more information. A good fishmonger should be able to help you out too.

Cornish Menu at Tom Aikens

Tom’s Kitchen in Kensington is a bright, relaxing and airy space.  Offering a more rustic menu than michelin starred sister restaurant, Tom Aikens, it offers breakfasts of homemade granola, pancakes, eggs, weekend brunches, lunch and dinner. We went for a mid week lunch.

We started with a Grilled Cornish Mackerel Salad with baby watercress, boiled eggs and bacon dressing. This was very light and with the exception of the naughty but delicious bacon dressing felt very healthy. Very simple but well executed, I really enjoyed it.

Cornish Menu at Tom Aikens

Roast Fillet of Cornish Mullet with slow roast tomatoes and olive sauce was delivered for mains. The mullet had been roasted in a wood oven and had a delicate smoky flavour with perfectly crisp skin and sweet delicate flesh beneath. The roast tomatoes and olive sauce was a wonderful complement aside the meaty potatoes. It was light, yet perfectly filling and very enjoyable.

Cornish Menu at Tom Aikens

Dessert was an indulgent Apple Tart Fine with Kelly’s Honeycomb Ice Cream. I am not usually a sucker for dessert but the rich simplicity of this was divine, and the honeycomb clotted cream ice cream was rich, creamy and delicious. I ensured that I nabbed some for my freezer soon after!

The food was a charming in its simplicity and was so summery, fresh and healthy that I am sure it will be snapped up. It’s also a bit of a bargain at £23.50. The Cornish menu will be available until the 11th July and is available for lunchtimes only. If  I have any criticism it’s that, even though I enjoyed everything that I had, it would have been an improvement to have a choice of courses. It has also awakened my ache to be near the seaside and to see some sun. I can’t wait for my trip home at the end of the month, the sea is assured, the sun, well, we can but hope.



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  1. i’m pretty sure i need that apple tart for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all the days of my life! what a stunning presentation and fabulous flavor no doubt!

  2. wanderlee says

    Looks delish! This may go some way towards making up for the fact I’m not going to get to Cornwall itself this bank hol!

    But… as much as I applaud any attempts at sustainability, it’s probably worth being aware that the MSC has come under a fair bit of criticism for the way they run the certification programme.
    See here:
    and here:

  3. gastrogeek says

    this looks fantastic, that cornsh mullet in particular. Yum yum!

  4. Cate says

    Have to go to this. Had delicious fish in Cornwall last year. Thanks for posting!

  5. This is a great little place for dinner – went with my best foodie bud last year and loved the laid back atmosphere. Must go back and sample this delish Cornish special – um yum!

  6. webdchat says

    wow what a great blog and site, well done, keep up the good work.

  7. fussfreeflavours says

    Wonderful. I think that you have solved my dilemma of where to take my boyfriend for his birthday lunch. Sadly we shall not be in Cornwall like we have been in previous years.


  8. Myrtle says

    just looking at the pictures entice me… wow, must try this.

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