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The Times: 40 Bloggers Who Really Count

Just over 3 weeks ago, I received an email from a gentleman at The Times. He wanted to let me know that I would be included on a piece on bloggers in The Times that Saturday (May 1st). How exciting!

Prompted by this discovery, I managed to get out of bed early on a Saturday (now, that rarely happens), and got myself a copy. Where was the piece? I couldn’t find it.

Eventually I uncovered it, in the magazine! I was included in a piece titled “40 bloggers who really count”. What an honour. I was in surprising company too. There were celebrities David Byrne (amazing) and Gwyneth Paltrow (ok!). Inspiring people like Naomi Klein. Two champion fellow food bloggers Dos Hermanos & James Ramsden. And me.

I’ve had so many lovely lovely emails from you that I just wanted to say thanks. And also to apologise to those that I haven’t been able to reply to. I get a lot of email these days, from new bloggers that are looking for advice to people looking for specific recipes or suggestions, often people just saying hi. I try to reply to as many as I can, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day, so, to those looking for recipes, hit that search box and I hope that you like what you find. New bloggers, I will write a post soon, about blogging from my perspective and I hope that this answers your questions.

So, thanks again, and thanks for the comments and the emails, I do treasure them all. If I don’t reply, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t read it, I read them all, and I will reply, as soon as I get a chance to. Soon!



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  1. You deserve it <3 .You've been working hard on the blog .
    be proud of the success and print the page and hang it in you room's wall

    I just want to congrats u , sorry for the poor English :D .

    ur sis . 56oor .

  2. Hi, Niamh. I sent you a message through your Contact Me page the other day–did you receive it? I’m not sure I have the hang of comments and messages over WordPress yet :)

    • Hi Monica,

      I did but as the post says, I have so many to reply to, it will take time – sorry.


  3. Aedin says

    Niamh, as we were travelling I didn’t see the article but will root it out, like a truffle pig!! So pround of you, missus. Well done-you’re quite awe inspiring yourself, you know. xxx

  4. Congratulations! I’m quite new to your blog but having had a good old trawl through your archives, I think it’s great and it’s definitely on my must-read list.

  5. inspiring stuff! It’s a competitive blogosphere and you quite rightly stand out from the crowd :-)

  6. Just catching up on blog posts Niamh, spotted this on twitter a while back, richly deserved accolade from the Times m’dear :-)

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  8. In a world where blogging is becoming so popular it is hard to even be seen, this truly is an achievement. Congratulations on being noticed, you deserve it, I love this blog.

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