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Taste of London: Preview & Win a Pair of Tickets!

It’s Taste of London time again! I was treated to a preview of some of the dishes that will be available at this weekend’s food & drink festival at Regent’s Park. 9 dishes in one 2 hour lunch, don’t say that I don’t put my figure on the line for your pleasure!

Taste of London Preview

Taste of London Preview

Taste of London Preview

Pretty, eh? We were served my favourite Frank Hederman’s Smoked Salmon on Soda Bread with Blason de Bourgogne Chablis and Oysters with Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2005 at Richard Corrigan’s Bentley’s. If you haven’t had Frank Hederman’s Smoked Salmon yet, you really are missing out. Fresh, peaty and smoky with none of the oiliness of the sadder orange confections you see in the supermarkets, it’s perfect with soda bread. I served it at the market last year, and eat it all the time at home. Finally, we had Traditional Fish and Chips served in cones with O:TU Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2009 New Zealand.

Taste of London Preview

Taste of London Preview

Taste of London Preview

Taste of London Preview

On then to Michelin starred Chinese Yautcha for a Vegetable dim sum platter with Waitrose Champagne Brut NV at Yautcha’s was delicious and light with sprightly flavours. Spicy chicken wonton dumpling with Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Chenin Blanc 2009 South Africa was smacking of more, I wanted more! We finished with a Dim sum platter served with Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling 2009 Washington State, USA.

Taste of London Preview

Taste of London Preview

Taste of London Preview

One of my favourites, Salt Yard offered their signature dish, their gorgeous Courgette flowers stuffed with goats cheese and drizzled with honey with Buiten Blanc, Buitenverwachting, a sensational and very tender Smoked octopus a la Gallega with crispy shallots served with Gavi de Gavi, Italy 2009 from M&S, and zingy Chargrilled beef bavette with Salsa Verde and Escalivada with Chateau Civrac 2007 Bordeaux.

The food was excellent, and the wine matches well chosen, I especially loved the Nyetimber with the Oysters and the Bavette with the Bordeaux.

Want to go? Taste of London runs from 17th – 20th June in Regent’s Park, London. Tickets are on sale and start from £22, but you can win one of 3 pairs worth £44 each here. Just leave a comment on this post and I will choose winners at random when the competition closes on Wednesday 16th June at midnight. The tickets are valid for Friday evening only for the 5.30pm – 9.30pm session and don’t include any crowns. You’ve got 2 days! A comment takes 2 minutes :)


**This competition is now closed – congrats to the winners number 1, 15 & 72, Lydia Pluckrose, May & Laura Lee. Thanks everyone for your entires and comments.**



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  1. Lydia Pluckrose says

    Those Courgette Flowers remind me I need to go to Salt Yard again soon. Have never had anything like them anywhere else. Gorgeous!

  2. Ian Deakin says

    looking very tasty indeed. missed last years event. shan’t let that happen again…

  3. Charlie says

    My favourite time of the year! Fingers crossed for the free tickets! :)

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  5. Emily says

    New to London and would love to experience this culinary orientation!

  6. Ahh that was a GREAT lunch previewing Taste this coming weekend. Still drooling over the smoked salmon and fish n’ chips from Bentleys :)

  7. Random number generating Dove from Above please be kind to me so I can spend some crowns on raw fish and deep fried goodness

  8. Oliver S says

    My top tip for the prize! If you aren’t feeling flush enough for asparagus, spinach stalks taste very fine and you can have a big pile steamed with some home made mayo and some fried breadcrumbs while you use the leaves for something else.

  9. porridge lady says

    Those fish and chips look so good. I have been hankering after really traditional fish, chips and mushy peas for weeks and that photo has not help :-D

    Great pics, you’ve really captured the food beautifully.

  10. Is it wrong that I’m feeling so hungry so soon after lunch? Go the fish and chips cone and the courgette flowers! I’ve done taste in NZ but missed out for last year’s UK one…would be very keen to attend :)

  11. That fish and chip funnel looks amaaaze, but frankly I think I should win tickets, because I’ve never eaten an oyster. Promise that if I win I will down one of those bizarre bogeys from the sea in your honour!

  12. Charlie says

    I would love to go. What a fantastic preview of the event, looks like you had a wonderful lunch. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to visit Taste of London and enjoy some of the delicious food. This post has made me hungry!

  13. CAN’T WAIT for Taste of London!! And omg how amazing do the stuffed courgette flowers look. Awesome that you take one for the team like that ;) hahaha x

  14. Claire Nelson says

    I am drooling at those pictures. I would be interested in finally trying Salt Yard’s food as I booked an anniversary meal with them a couple of years ago and when we arrived they had no record of it (even though I had called) so at the moment sadly my impression of them is rather negative!

  15. Would love love love to go to Taste of London, I would be a first timer!

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

    The oysters in the first pic, look stunning.


  16. Kate says

    Ok – I am no poet, and could not think of anything better to rhyme with delicious, but its worth a shot:

    Oh the food looks delicious
    And no doubt nutritious
    To this gourmet show
    I surely must go
    To deny me would be vicious!

  17. Elizabeth Tobia says

    The dim sum looks amazing, never been and would love to go.


  18. Charles Hyde says

    Goats cheese and honey simply devine. Would be a dream to try those dishes

  19. Niamh, no need for me to go in the draw as I have a busy weekend ahead with not quite so much tasty food involved. Just wanted to say great post, made me quite jealous, and hungry from your photos. Hope you enjoy the full event, look forward to more reviews.


  20. Krishan K says

    My missus loves oysters and would love to attend this!
    She really deserves to go!

  21. Gail Haslam says

    All of it looks amazing (sumptuous photos as always!) I’ve been dying to try that smoked salmon for ages, lovely post and well done you on going that extra mile with nine dishes for our reading pleasure ;-)

  22. Danny Kapur says

    Lovely pictures! I quite fancy the fish and chips, well actually everything!! Looks like a great day out!

  23. Miguel leal says

    I love Taste of London just because you can taste so many restaurants in one evening just like your preview. I think you were quite lucky with the wine pairing food, all sounded yummy. How was the Fish and Chips with O:TU Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2009 New Zealand? To me this is quite original! Let me in!

  24. Scott says

    This looks like a fabulous event. The food looks fantastic, I would love to visit Taste of London this year.

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  26. Jayna says

    Looking at food pictures before 9 am is never a good idea. I want courgette flowers for breakfast!

  27. beatrice says

    I would love to go to Taste of London. I hope to win a pair of tickets so that I can enjoy great food!
    I really like your website!

  28. Yum. Is that tartare sauce with the fish and chips? Yauatcha is great, I love their Dim Sum…And their cocktails…

  29. I was already excited by the dim sum but the courgette flowers are an absolute favourite and now I’m HUNGRY. Beautiful pictures too!
    I have been tempted to get some tickets but wasn’t sure I could take the time off. I suppose if I win it’s meant to be :P

  30. I can’t wait to go! I had a fantastic time last year and this year can only be better. :)

  31. Shouldn’t have read this post before lunch. Now I’m starving. Keep meaning to go to this, but a pair of tickets would push me into the arms of Taste of London where I’m meant to be.

  32. Kathryn says

    When I order those courgettes at Salt yard (or Dehesa) I never share them :)

    Haven’t been to the Taste festivals for a couple of years, I like it when it rains – less people and more food for me!

  33. ian says

    Friday 5:30-9:30pm, thats when the england match is on!! Will there be a big screen at the festival?

  34. Ooh yes. I really need an excuse to eat amazing food.

    As a newcomer to London I should check this out!

  35. Fran says

    Am a foodie from NYC and have never been to ToL – I need that octopus!

  36. Laursstar says

    Oh I love the Taste fest in the sun. A really good day out & marks the first official Pimms O Clock for the summer for me :)

  37. Monique Hughes-Borst says

    What would we do without you Niahm? You’re certainly putting your figure on the line here … all looks delish! Had not heard of Frank Hederman before, but will now make a point of trying his smoked salmon.

  38. I just opened your email at past lunch time. I am now ravenous. Got to go eat now.

    Wish I wasn’t at work and could have a glass of wine with my cheese sandwhich. Today it’s the delicious and contrary Suffolk gold.

    There’s still some left at home so any pairing suggestions would be welcomed…

  39. Jennifer says

    Poured with rain last time I went to Taste – let’s hope the weather’s kinder this year.

  40. Hatti says

    I have been reading your blog for only a few weeks and i am addicted! i want to go all the places you do and you are inspring me to start cooking properly and eating like a girl….I love the sound of this food festival too! xx

  41. sophia says

    Please pick me! The photos look amazing especially the dim sum!!!

  42. I’ve missed Taste of London last year, but if the food looks half as good as the one you presented in this post, I will go for sure!

  43. Amy says

    Those Salt Yard dishes look wonderful. You should try one of their wine matching dinners – they are amazing.
    Might as well have a go to try that courgette flower dish… Good luck to me!

  44. I’d love to eat my way around the Taste festival… um yum yum the dishes you’ve posted about sound aye-may-zing :-)

  45. Stephen says

    I’ve never seen smoked salmon that colour before, I need to get me some of that.

    I actually bumped into Richard Corrigan once in Camden market, he seemed surprised when I recognised him.

  46. anna rickards says

    as always, you have a magical ability to make food come alive and help us all imagine we are there with you!

  47. Aurore says

    Ooooooh beautiful pics! I’m hungry just looking at them!
    This will be my last weekend in London… I’m now very tempted to go taste the cuisine of the finest london restaurants before hitting the alsacian bistros from July onwards! Bring on the choucroute and Riesling!

  48. Emma says

    Saw this via @erinehm. I’d love to go to this event, pick me! pick me!

  49. We will be eating like 2 girls! i can’t just wait!

    There is only one problem: i don’t have ticket yet!!!! Any chance to be chosen?

  50. I’ve been for the Taste Festival the first year it launched, which was probably 6 years back now and remember it being a miserly affair at Somerset House. Have never been back since as thought it was over-hyped and over-priced and really just not worth the effort. But your post may have just caused me to reconsider giving it another go. The free tickets would be the deciding factor though!

  51. Laura Lee says

    Oh pls pick me so I can eat lots of yummy things without breaking the bank :)

  52. Having tried Frank Hederman’s smoked salmon on your soda bread last year (with some excellent prosecco if I remember rightly) the chance to eat it again is worth the entry alone. Fingers crossed I won’t be alone, and can take a plus one along too.

  53. Hmm, this seems like the dream job! I like good food, I love trying out new food & going in different restaurants & sampling the food, yes, it sounds like a dream job!

  54. Nicola says

    (less obsequious, though I do promise a proper thank you)

  55. The photos are splendid! really represent the food well, I also am a fan of the stuffed courgette flowers and agree with the first comment that I have never seen them anywhere else either! Can’t wait till the festival, not long now! :)


  56. What a wonderful life you lead! This looks like a lovely day out. Im likely not to go because its rather expensive but Im sure its worth it. Yum

  57. Alex says

    Oh. My. God.

    It all looks amazing! Photos really do the food justice!

  58. Chlobo says

    I actually worked at Foodies at Hampton Court Palace so not sure whether to go and try out the competition!! I’m Scottish so definitely won’t be worried about watching this small football game that seems to be on on Friday night!

  59. Amber says

    Hello, the Yautcha dimsum look oh-so-yum…

    Fingers and toes crossed for the free tickets.. :)

  60. Samson says

    Would love to win some tickets! Courgette with chevre looks amazing!

  61. oh just walked through Regent’s Park and now am dying to go to the Taste of London.
    Thank you.

  62. I would live to attend this event….. It would be good to see what London has to offer .. Also I have never attended and would be great fun

  63. Thanks everyone for all of your entries and lovely comments!

    I selected 3 random numbers using random.org. The three winning entries are number 1, 15 & 72! Congrats Lydia Pluckrose, May & Laura Lee. Will email to arrange collection.

  64. You are so ahead of the game dear Niamh! I am terribly jealous that I didn’t get to try those stuffed courgette flowers until hopefully tonight, roll on 6pm!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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