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From Field to Fork at Laverstoke Park Farm: Ticket Competition & Come See Me at the Amateur BBQ Championships [GULP!]

Laverstoke Park Farm

Celebrity buffalo Petal

Laverstoke Park Farm, a very forward thinking biodynamic farm, was one of the places that most struck me on one of my many little trips earlier this year. It’s absolutely remiss of me that I have never told you about it.

I have videos of cheese making and gorgeous pictures of Spring lambs, I tried their new and delicious Buffalo ice cream, and was converted to Buffalo biltong. Run by passionate purist Jodi Schekter, former World Champion F1 Driver for Ferrari, he makes no compromises on any ingredients or recipes, and has his fingers in many biodyanmic pies. They make lager, have planted a vineyard for sparkling wine in the future, and have ultimate control over all of their processes, choosing to establish their own abbatoir, to ensure best treatment of the anmials (buffalo, cows and sheep). Grim but important, the point of death is the most crucial one in the process, both for the welfare of the animals and quality of the meat, you don’t want to stress them out, primarily as it’s unkind and the adrenaline will toughen the meat and lend it a tinny taste.

Laverstoke Park Farm

Sheepdog with his own transport

As a previous scientist (physiologist if you are wondering!), I was very impressed by their laboratory facilities, which beat many I have seen in universities. They use it to analyse nature, and help it along, however they can. I am a country lass myself , and was quite impressed by the plus 20 types of grass in one field – in their defence I asked as I noticed.

Laverstoke Park Farm

Brand new lambs! Just born. As you can see from poor Mum's appendage.

Why surface now? Well, at the time, they told me about their Field to Fork Festival and their Amateur BBQ championships, which I have appeared to sign up for! Well, why not? Cons: I don’t own a BBQ, I don’t have an outdoor space to perfect this, BUT I am a purist and will delve deep and study what’s needed and find the best recipes, and I have some secret weapons on my team. Pros: well, it wil,l be lots of fun, and it’s important to stretch youself, isn’t it?

Secret weapons?! Cook extraordinaire: Sig from Scandilicious; our favourite stateside wine blogger: Denise from The Wine Sleuth, who claims that she knows everything about BBQ, and my dear friend Kat, who’s from Florida, and has a trick or two up her sleeve. We will be the Irish team, and they are all practicing their accents.

Laverstoke Park Farm

Buffalo Ice Cream from Laverstoke Park Farm

There will be lots happening. You can come eat our food, and watch me red faced slave bemusedly over the coals. You can learn how to make butter, bake bread, see how they make mozarella, visit the vineyard, tour the farm or fill up at the Food Court.

Just over an hour out of London, it’s worth the trip. Entry is  only £6 per person and all kids under 8 have free entry. I have 4 tickets to give away for a car load, or train tables worth of you. Just leave a comment and I will select the winner randomly on Thursday – closing time is 5pm.

So, details below. For more info and to book tickets go to www.fieldtoforkshow.co.uk.

Hope to see you there! Do say hello if you visit. And enter to win tickets here by simply leaving a comment!

Hampshire’s largest and most sociable BBQ!

Laverstoke are stoking up, what surely has to be the county’s or even the country’s largest BBQ ready for the weekend. With the capacity to host over 150 people BBQing at one time with Laverstoke’s meats (that can be purchased in advance at www.fieldtoforkshow.co.uk or on the day) with a team of 15 professional chefs on hand to give top tips on how to be a star chef on the coals… what could be better than combining this with the Laverstoke beer from the bar with big TV screens pitched up with the sport for the fanatics amongst us?!
The Laverstoke BBQ World Cup- Saturday 3 July – Hosted by Ainsley Harriot

Laverstoke Park Farm has caught World Cup fever and has for the first time created the BBQ World Cup. International teams compete for a shot to be the – ‘The Laverstoke BBQ World Cup Champion’.  Competing nations facing the challenge include: South Korea, Italy, Iran, South Africa, Ireland and of course the home nation, England! We are keeping one place back for a Wild card team on the day, so come ready to join in!!
The Professionals British BBQ Championships Sunday 4 July – Hosted by Raymond Blanc + The UK’s most feared food critics from The BBC’s Great British Menu

See some of the country’s best chefs battle it out on the coals.. Defending champions, The Cinnamon Club or ‘Team Cinnamon’, go up against ROKA, The Hart Brothers’ Barrafina – with ‘guest chef’ Tom Parker-Bowles, Roast, Jun Tanaka’s Pearl, Iberica and local boys The Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire amongst others.

There is tonnes for the Kids to do!

Bread making workshops for kids
Farm animal enclosure – meet Petal, Sniffles, Wilbur, Guinevere, Bartholomew and Vanessa!
Play match the poo and taste the tractor fuel – yes really!
Circus Skills- kids can learn how to to juggle with balls, scarves, clubs or juggling rings, spin plates, master the diabolo, devil sticks, pedal-gos, unicycles, stilt walking, poi, contact balls, balancing, balloon modelling!
See the farm-
Farm Tours– see the whole farm including the dairy, the mozzarella making and the vinyard…
Ancient Woodland Walks – Take a stroll around the beautiful ancient woodland. There is both a long and short route available.
Sheepdog Demonstrations- See dogs Dell and Moll show how to herd!
For the FOODIES there is-
The Presentations Barn – The art of butter making, Sustainable sourcing, biodynamic farming and nutrition from Chelsea Football Club’s consultant nutrionist.
And for the hungry! The Food Court…
Burgers, sausages, Buffalo and Pork spit roasts, salads and veggie options too! Laverstoke’s brand new ice creams, and of course the bar serving Laverstoke’s finest ales and lagers!



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  1. Bloody good luck in the competition. I am a huge BBQ fan. Massive, HUGE, enormous!! Can’t get enough. I would probably BBQ every damn day if I could and if I could make Chris go out and buy coals so I don’t have to lug them back. For some reason he resists.

  2. Erin says

    Best of luck Niamh! I am so jealous of all that lovely BBQ going on, it will smell heavenly. x

  3. What a fabulous looking place and a really interesting post. I just want to dive straight into a pot of the dolce ice cream…mmmmmmm yummy!

    Hope the Barby comp goes well – watch your eyebrows!

  4. At John’s Stateside Annual Rib Throwdown, last summer’s winner was Pierre, with his still secret sauce! I can plead your case?
    I love your sharing and hope you have the best recipe, be sure to include some Irish Butter.

  5. Foodie Mum says

    The Field to Fork Show sounds a great day out — I think my family will love it.

  6. Gutted that I already have plans for this weekend, I would have loved to come along to this *ponders for a second to ditch plans….*

    Nah, can’t get out of it but good luck, looking forward to hearing how you get on.

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