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Alvin Leung Masterclass Part 3: The Rest! English Breakfast, Foie Gras with Pat Chun & Sugar Spheres

What a lot of fun this series of posts has been. A trip down the culinary rabbit hole and an inspiration (for me at least, but I hope for you too). I am rounding up this three parter with the other gorgeous dishes covered in the masterclass: Alvin Leung’s Extreme Chinese take on the English Breakfast, Pat Chun Vinegar with Foie Gras, Tomatoes & Ginger Parfait and Sugar Spheres crafted with our own hands.

Alvin Leung Masterclass

Extreme Chinese English Breakfast? Alvin extracted the flavours and ideas and put together an indulgent and very glamorous take on the greasy spoon breakfast. Lotus seeds (like chickpeas but nuttier) with bacon, a sweet carrot puree which perfectly substituted ketchup but with more vibrancy, strips of sous vide duck and mustard foam. Extreme Chinese English Breakfast? Yes, please!

Alvin Leung Masterclass

Pat Chun Vinegar was a new ingredient to me. A sweetened vinegar unique to Hong Kong, it’s used in a traditional post-natal dish of Pork Knuckles & Ginger Stew, made from pork knuckles, eggs, ginger and sweetened vinegar. It is eaten both as a health food and as a celebratory dish after the birth of a child. Rich in calcium and protein, it replaces nutrients lost during childbirth. Here it is combined firstly with tomatoes and roasted, then foie gras fried with a flour coating is added. Eaten foie gras first, then tomatoes, and finally ginger parfait. It is rich, intense, sweet, and finally refreshing. Now, I just have to source some Pat Chun vinegar to make at home.

Alvin Leung Masterclass

Finally some sugar spheres, which were fun and dramatic. Kept under heat, pumped with a hand pump and cooled throughout so it didn’t burst, this was the most fun, but the most pointless bit. I managed to burst it within minutes too. New skill aquired though, I will try and use it practically soon.

Alvin Leung Masterclass

Alvin Leung Masterclass

So, that’s it! Alvin Cheung is a new culinary hero of mine and the best news of all is that he is opening a Bo Innovation in Mayfair this November. So you can try all of this exciting food there. Watch this space for more info!





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  1. LittleFfarm Dairy says

    Sounds lovely –

    & fascinating; not to mention some extraordinary stuff there!

    Mind you not too sure about the mustard foam; it really does look like a huge great dollop of “cuckoo spit”…! A bit off-putting; as if one of the diners had accidentally drooled over the other elements of a highly original & otherwise tempting dish.

    Errmm…what purpose do the sugar spheres actually serve; & what do they taste like? They appear to be silvered & I must admit to me that’s decorative but far from appetising….if you’ve ever accidentally chomped down on a subversive sliver of silver foil, you’ll know what I mean. Ouchie!!

    Looks like you had loads of tasty fun, though. Ooops, there goes my tum, again at the thought of the Pork Knuckles & Ginger Stew; thunder rumbles…. ;0)

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