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Bitesize: The Tio Pepe Tapas Trail, The Complete History of Food, The Cloudy Bay Shack & Guerrilla Gastronomy

Welcome to my first issue of Bitesize – a new piece on food & drink happenings somewhere near you. Expect to see it every two weeks or so.

I’ve had frequent contact from readers exclaiming/lamenting a missed opportunity. Something great in food or drink that I’ve attended or gobbled up, and they’ve read about here but had missed the chance to go. A review is after the fact after all.

Where can you find out about these things? Well, from now on, here. I hope you like it.

The Cloudy Bay Shack in Parson’s Green, July 24th & 25th

The Cloudy Bay Shack will appear briefly in Parson’s Green on Saturday, July 24th and Sunday, July 25th, open from 11am to 8pm. Tom Aikens has created a seasonal menu to match Cloudy Bay Wines. Choose from a menu of Summer specials from a ‘Dorset crab with chilli and ginger’ paired with Cloudy Bay Chardonnay to a Tom Aikens ‘seven-hour lamb’ paired with Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir. Picnickers can try one of the five tasting dishes paired with a glass of Cloudy Bay for £8.50 whilst listening to live jazz.

Tio Pepe Tapas Trail

Swan around some of London’s finest tapas restaurants, enjoying a free glass of Tio Pepe as you do. Between 12th – 18th July 2010 you can enjoy a free glass of Tio Pepe when you order a tapa (over £4.50) at any of the 9 restaurants on the tapas trail route (one glass per restaurant, per customer). The Tio Pepe Tapas Trail map is available online. Come back tomorrow for my post on a tour of Barrica, Fino & Pinchito Tapas.

The Tapas Revolution – anywhere near you soon!

26-year old cooking whizz Omar Allibhoy, former pupil Ferran Adrià of El Bulli will be setting off on a 550-mile culinary crusade offering a free Spanish cooking masterclass and tapas feast for anyone who lives, works or just happens to find themselves standing or sitting on a giant ‘T’ for ‘Tapas’ on a map of England.

To get a taste of Omar’s guerrilla gastronomy, all would-be diners need do is suggest a place somewhere along the ‘T’ to meet him, providing crockery, cutlery and perhaps some liquid refreshment. Omar will do the rest. Anywhere on the ‘T’ will do. Locations intersected by it include Manchester University, The Peak District, Doncaster, Derby, various lay-bys carparks and public spaces, even Blenheim Palace (should the Duke of Marlborough be feeling peckish).

Kicking off on 19 July, Omar will set off on his 125cc motorbike, two African burners, a selection of saucepans, serving plates, chef’s knives, a chopping board, tent, sleeping bag, five spice jars, a dry-cured pork leg sent over by his mum in Madrid and, of course, his trusty GPS, for homing in on the “T”.

To join The Tapas Revolution simply check your co-ordinates, find an appropriate location on the “T” via the website (www.tapasrevolution.com), then drop an e-mail to Omar (omar@tapasrevolution.com), send him a tweet @TapasRevolution arranging to meet up, or follow him on Foursquare: www.foursquare.com/user/tapasrevolution.

The Complete History of Food with Courvoisier & Bompass & Parr

The inaugural Courvoisier Revolutionary Spirit 2010 kicks off with a must-go, one-off event for the food lovers of London. The Complete History of Food is an exciting epicurean adventure through time, curated by the infamous food and drink experimentalists, Bompas & Parr along with several other partners, including Alexis Gauthier, Saf, Bistrotheque and Lounge Bohemia. Taking place from 14-18 July at  Belgrave Square, this event will seduce and surprise your senses: think flooded Medieval banquets, giant sugar sculptures and dinner in the belly of a dinosaur, all matched to bespoke Courvoisier cocktails.



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  1. Pat says

    Congratulations for the first issue and thank you for such a wonderful piece of work.

  2. Mel says

    Niamh, I just wanted to say a big thankyou, this is a great feature. I will be putting it to use whenever possible.

    Also wanted to thank you very much indeed for ideas for the posh lunch club. I no longer live in London, and have been salivating over your posts. We are back here this week, and have had posh lunch club every day, which also leaves the evening for catching up with friends who work. Perfect all round. And, we liked Texture so much that we are going back again for the tasting menu!

    I have never commented before, but am an avid reader. I think it is important to let you know how helpful I have found these tips.

    Thank you

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