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Greetings from Sweden: Postcard No 1

Greetings from Lapland!

The Culinary Institute of Sweden arranged a trip to Lapland for food journalists and bloggers from all over Europe to experience their food culture for 5 days, and here I am. I have been having the most wonderful time. Over the next 5 days, where possible, I will upload a postcard in the form of the photos that represent the best part of the day, that hopefully you will enjoy. Details later. Here is the first. From Kiruna, within the Arctic Circle.

Day 1: Kiruna

Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland

Just before Kiruna, from the air

Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland

Kiruna, Lapland, from the air

Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland

Greetings from the bar of the Ice Hotel

Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland

Stewed Cloudberries with Cream

Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland

Smoked Reindeer with Lingonberry Jam and Flatbread

Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland

Cooking Reindeer over an Open Fire

Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland


Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland


Sweden Day 2 - Kiruna/Lapland

Pigs in Space

Wonderful, eh? Back tomorrow :)

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I like food. I like to make food. Eat food. Photograph food. Write about food. Mainly in London but when I am lucky or organised further afield.


  1. Ooouh. Jaw droppingly beautiful. I love the transition from “reindeer cooking over an open fire” to simply “reindeer”! Easily amused on a Friday morning..

    • Hi Marisa. Oh dear! Should have thought of that. I wrote this after a long evening and while sleepy. Never a good idea.

  2. WOW!!! This is making me really want to go to Lapland, somewhere I never thought of going. That first photo is jaw-dropping, food sounds AMAZING as well, very meat-intensive though, how would Noel fare there?!

    • It’s well worth a trip Maria BUT very tricky for vegetarians. Easier for fish eaters but still challenging.

  3. What an adventure Niamh – enjoy! I didn’t enjoy reindeer that much when I tried it recently in Norway so I hope your reindeer was tastier…

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