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Putting Dungarvan on Ireland’s Food Map: The Tannery Restaurant & Cookery School, Dungarvan, Ireland

Cooking Class at The Tannery Cookery School, Dungarvan

Paul Flynn’s return to his (and mine) native Dungarvan put a bright pin firmly on the map of Gourmet Ireland when he opened The Tannery 13 years ago, and subsequently the Tannery Cookery School & Townhouse. Award winning (it recently won Best Cookery School in Ireland at the RAI Restaurant Awards) it is a lovely space offering lessons that are casual, relaxed, informative and fun.

We pitched up for a lunchtime demonstration and Paul led us through a lovely 3 course lunch, which we subsequently ate with wine. Paul’s style of cooking is charming and accessible, offering tips that even experienced cooks can benefit hugely from. He champions flavour, and has slimmed down his cooking style from his days as head chef at 3 michelin starred Chez Nico in London. Basically, you can do it too.  

He draws influence from his surroundings and sources as much as he can locally. Not always possible, he cites the difficulties in sourcing local seafood despite being next to the sea, he uses them where he can.

Cooking Class at The Tannery Cookery School, Dungarvan

Mushroom on brioche - Cooking class at the Tannery Dungarvan

We started with a decadent mushroom starter. Brioche with mushroom purée, with a roast mushroom (roasted with butter and herbs) on top, dribbled with beurre blanc. Swoon – utterly delicious.

Paul’s version of bouillabaisse followed. Lovely it was too, light, fragrant and delicate, it was perfect for lunch. A very accessible recipe too – I didn’t have to gouge out fish eyes this time. Shiver.

Cooking Class at The Tannery Cookery School, Dungarvan

Dessert was gorgeous nectarines roasted with spiced butter on baked oat cakes. Really very good. The oats were of course from Waterford – Flahavan’s best and my favourite.

Cooking Class at The Tannery Cookery School, Dungarvan

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Cooking Class at The Tannery Cookery School, Dungarvan

We ate at a large dining table in a gorgeous bright room with lots of quirky detail and a beautiful vintage hosting trolley. Paul himself dished up the meal, the wine was plentiful, and we all bounded on happily after.

Cooking Class at The Tannery Cookery School, Dungarvan

Cooking Class at The Tannery Cookery School, Dungarvan

I am always impressed by the pricing at the Tannery. The lunchtime classes are ridiculously well priced at  €45 with all day demos at €150 per person. I also really fancy The Tannery House Party, a night at The Tannery Townhouse (which is gorgeous) and a dinner party cooked by Paul for €100 per person sharing. I mean, why wouldn’t you? I have plans to on a trip home soon.

Not enough detail? Don’t worry – I’ll be back with the recipes soon. That is if you want them? I am very sure you do :)

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  1. €45 is indeed affordable. Loved the pics of the desserts: peach & biscuit sounds like a nice idea. I personally have rarely seen that mix

  2. ginandcrumpets says

    I had a particularly delicious meal at The Tannery back in the summer, a highlight being the buttery mashed potatoes that came in a high cone shape, just like a wizard’s hat! We also spent some time with our noses pressed against the window of the cookery school trying to take pictures so my friend could redecorate her dining room to look just like it! Such a great place.

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