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Supper Club: Shed Likes Food

Shed Likes Food Supper Club

Shed Likes Food is good, it’s very good. Quirky and petite, not unlike host Nicola, it’s a warm, intimate and charming supper club based in Newington Green. They’re definitely not in it for the money, charging only the cost of ingredients. Madness! Some supper clubs are more about the experience than the food, Nicola comfortably covers both, and makes it look very easy.

On the night we visited, Nicola’s usual partner in crime, boyfriend Andrew, was away, so she was ably assisted instead by Alexis of Lex Eat (another excellent supper club, it’s a serious omission that I haven’t written about it yet).

The Supper Club is hosted in a great shed at the end of her garden. Beautifully decorated and warm, we ate dinner with a small and very friendly group of people, 9 guests in total, and our hosts. The food was rustic and very well executed. Lots of big flavours – very much the kind of food I love.

Shed Likes Food Supper Club

Shed Likes Food Supper Club

Shed Likes Food Supper Club

Shed Likes Food Supper Club

We started with appetisers of padron peppers, spiced seeds, marinated olives with a bottle of London beer provided by our hosts, before relocating to The Shed where we feasted on generous portions of shared starters. Delicious polpetine, smoked tuna with capers, shallots and parmesan, cheese with membrillo and savoy cabbage with chorizo were all very good, there really were no criticisms.

Shed Likes Food Supper Club

A bold and flavour rich main of Ossobuco with risotto followed. The risotto was creamy and fruity, really very good. The Osssobucco was tender and delicious. We finished by plucking any marrow from the bones with relish.

We finished with an excellent dessert of sticky ginger cake with clotted cream, salted caramel and pralines served with a hot glass of delicious PX Sherry followed by coffee. Wines are BYO and I had brought a delicious bottle of white Grillo that I had brought back from Sicily. Definitely a wine I will be seeking out again.


I really wish she would request a higher donation. She charges only enough to cover her costs, a mere £15. Yes, FIFTEEN POUNDS for all of that lovely food, a beer at the start and a shot of PX!. We did, of course, leave a healthy tip, I could not have left in good conscience otherwise!

There are no further dates this year but Shed Likes Food should be back with a bang next year – look out for it. Nicola also has a very good food blog too where she posts recipes, check that out too.




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  1. Wow that is crazy, £15!

    I have still not been to a supper club but am learning of a few in Bristol so will try to make one asap… they sound fun!

  2. Natalie says

    I wish I lived further down the country. Might have to make a special trip to visit the shed.

    Looks like it was a great night – and all for 15 quid? Corr blimey!

  3. I had a similarly wonderful evening at a secret supper collaboration between The Shed and Lex Eat; gorgeous food, a lovely friendly atmosphere, brilliant attention to detail – in everything from the adorable table decorations to the metre long communal-cocktail straws! – and great fun. The generous spirit of the evenings is definitely part of what makes you feel so welcome and what makes these nights so special.

  4. Thanks for such a lovely write up, Niamh, I had a great evening with everyone!
    Looking forward to reopening next year, until then it’s time to play santa’s elf….

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