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A Postcard From Florence

Greetings earthlings! I am making my way back from a very quick trip to Florence & Gaggia near Bologna (more on that soon), and thought I would take advantage of the airport wifi to upload some photos!

The weather is gorgeous and there is lots of great food everywhere. I sadly managed to develop a bladder infection so I will have to wait until my next trip to explore the restaurants properly. I did have a walk around though and explored one of the markets and lots of little shops. My luggage is rammed with fabulous tomatoes, extremely pungent fresh garlic, salamis, courgette flowers and lardo. I love that stuff!

Back soon with some Tuscan recipes!



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  1. Sorry to hear you weren’t well, what a place to miss out on eating! Love your shots though, makes me hanker after a return trip to Florence & Bologna, two of my fave places to eat!

  2. Lovely photos, especially of the bridge…am i right in thinking it’s the Ponte Vecchio? A real throw-back for us, we went through some of Italy last year, including Florence and Bologna, absolutely beautiful and i can’t wait to go back! Looking forward to seeing your recipes!

  3. I love Florence-it’s my favourite ever city in the world! The food and drink is marvellous-I had my best ever cup of coffee there, and the galleries (especially the Ufizi) are wonderful!

    • Hi Nicole! Agreed, spent some time there some years ago. I do want to go back there soon :)

  4. Louise says

    Poor you getting sick in Florence. When you get back there make sure you check out Al Tranvai. It is off the tourist trail and the food is magnificent though not a fine dining experience. Hope you are better soon.

  5. Looking at these photos is like taking a mini break there! They’re just stunning. Hoping you feel better soon…Last time we were in Florence I was wretchedly ill; I spent most of the time recuperating in the sun with a campari and orange (hoping both had medicinal properties).

    • Thanks Tori! Still ill sadly but hope to be better soon. Campari sounds like great medicine!

  6. I love the sunlight through the buildings snap.. even more excited about my own upcoming Italia jaunt now!

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