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Towpath Cafe is Back

ANOTHER LONDON POST! Before all you non-Londoners, and folks generally more interested in cooking, unsubscribe en masse, bear with me. I am splitting this here blog in a forthcoming re-design into sections so that you can follow what interests you and only or all of that. Two of those sections will be cooking and London, you can follow either, neither or both!

Londoners, though, lookie here. Towpath is back! Joy. Sitting on the canal towpath in the sun with a friend eating toast and jam with a decent latte and a Bloody Bucks chaser – that’s prosecco and orange juice, I didn’t know either – and getting progressively redder in the sun (I am working on a recipe for human crackling).

But it’s back, and I am happy. I hope that they have more supper clubs this year too. The string quartet one last year was terrific.

Towpath Cafe, Dalston on Regents Canal off Kingsland High Rd.



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  1. Kate says


    We went cycling this weekend along the canal and passed this little gem of a cafe- but much to my regret didn’t stop- we’ll definitely be stopping next time, it looks really good. Plus an extra incentive when cycling.


    PS: Do the Bloody Bucks chasers increase or decrease the number of people who end up in the canal after I’ve ‘accidently’ run them over on my bike??

  2. Sally says

    I don’t live in London but I still like reading about it… to be fair I don’t live far.
    This cafe looks so cute! I want to visit!

  3. Brunch by the canal complete with Bloody Bucks, nice!

    Don’t forget the hat next time Niamh, lobster pink isn’t fashionable.

  4. Yay – wasn’t sure if this place was gone permanently or just for winter.
    And please don’t cut back the London posts – intrigued by the separate sections redesign though, sounds good.

  5. Louise says

    Definitely don’t stop the London posts. Great for holiday eating research. That cafe looks great. Wish I lived in London.

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