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Giveaway! An Appliance for One of You, a Magimix for Me

How could I resist a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? I couldn’t. An email arrived asking if I would be interested in a free magimix, with only one string attached, I should blog about it and allow readers to win an appliance too.

Well, it’s very clever of them isn’t it? A giveaway and I get something too, win – win. Who is the Fairy Hobmother? Well he works at Appliances Online (who sell cookers and other white goods).

I’ve been moving so it’s not even out of its box yet but it should make my kitchen a sleeker smoother place, and for someone who loves pastry but has warm hands, it’s a dream.

So thanks to the Fairy Hobmother, and over to you guys. Leave a comment and he will pick one of you and send you an appliance.



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  1. Lisa Gair says

    I want a fairy godmother just like you please! I know that magimix will be put to very good use! Enjoy & I hope I am picked!
    Love you post!
    Lisa (aka The Yummy Yank)

  2. Haa! one of my friends has a magimix and swears by it – I’ve tasted her results which are excellent!

  3. Dear Fairy Hobmother,

    I would love a magimix to magically appear in my kitchen for a number of reasons:

    1. my flatmate will be in bakers delight
    2. I will finally be able to make hummus without a 2 hour arm strain and tears
    3. I need a reminder that faeries are real and care about my culinary skill development

    Miss Rachelle x

  4. misscay says

    A new kitchen appliance? Yes please. Even if I have no idea where to put it in my tiny tiny kitchen, I can always keep it under my bed, can’t I?

  5. I’d love a food processor. Have never had one. And we are moving house tomorrow and I have just thrown out my old blender as it was a million years old and useless.

  6. George@CulinaryTravels says

    Fabulous Niamh, enjoy :)

    I’d be lost without my Magimix now – so handy for so many jobs.

  7. Dear Fairy Hobmother. Pleeeease let me win the magimix, I promise to whip up all kinds of delicious treats and have them delievered to your office!!!!!

  8. Jinni Lyons says

    I have dreamed of having my own food processor since I was about 12. Please fulfil a little girl’s weird dream.

  9. emma says

    Oh magimix be mine you are so fine, blend chop whisk and help me dine with style grace and ease, your silver good looks are set to please, not just any old food blender a processor of the finest order.

  10. I gave been living, cooking, eating and writing about food in a small touring caravan for many years. At last, hopefully, we move into a real home in a month or two. I shall have room for a for a magimix for the first time in 20 years or so, Please fairy hobperson.

  11. Wheelau says

    Please fairy, pick me! I am in desperate need of some freshly-made pastries!

  12. The very thought of owning a Magimix and no longer having to make pesto/pasta dough/crumble by hand is almost too much for me to bear *fans self*.

  13. Sarah Patterson says

    Dear Fairy Hobmother

    Please make my life complete by blessing me with the beautiful Magimix. I promise to look after it and give it a wonderful life. xxx

  14. Julian Parker says

    The splendid Magimix is the device of choice at Leiths School of Cookery & Wine – robust, reliable and rugged. Just what you need with all the diploma students whizzing around.

  15. Amy says

    Here’s hoping that a Magimix could rid me of my recurring pastry nightmares…

  16. Tom says

    I don’t want to appear desperate, but PLEASE PICK ME PLEASE PICK ME! ME ME ME ME ME!

  17. Laura says

    I was going to plead my case, but having read Suzy’s comment, I think the mystery appliance should go to her!

  18. Susan Bourke says

    I use my existing Magimix every day at least once from soups to pancake mix to breadcrumbs etc This is my 3 rd mix and it is a bit the worse for use at this stage . I could do with an upgrade too !!

  19. Ariane Tobin says

    I sold these machines for years – I know exactly how good they are but could never afford to invest in one – I’d love to have one in my kitchen :)

  20. katie says

    I was just thinking how i need a magimix in my life – count me in!

  21. Aoife says

    Oh! I could really do with one of these as I’ve just started my own secret supper club. Please pick me!! I will be eternally grateful!! A x

  22. I love kitchen gadgets and I own a very reliable Magimix for years almost every day! I can’t image living without it. An upgrade would be very welcome!

  23. sandi says

    I need something a tad bigger than a magimix. I would love a new cooker.

  24. caroline says

    Oooooh, want! But naturally only because it means you’ll get one too..!

  25. Neha says

    I have always wanted one! It would be amazing to finally have one in my kitchen. Here’s to hoping…

  26. Joe says

    I don’t have a blender or mixer of any sort in my kitchen. Please let me have one! Currently using a fork or my hands

  27. I am a penniless writer who is about to have her first book published. ‘Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes’ is about a woman who loves the smell of icing sugar in the morning and eventually escapes her stressed out life to ‘live the fairycake dream.’ However, this morning as I dragged out my old hand held whisk to whip up some emotional rescue, it blew up! I am now cakeless and bereft. If I don’t bake soon I may have to write… and as everyone knows that’s something writers put off until the very last! x ps. thanks for a great blog!

  28. I think this would change my life and that of my ‘little chopper’ which would sure be glad of the let up!

  29. Kate says

    Wow, I’m not sure I qualify as I live in the US. Lost everything after surviving an auto accident. Gifts are the only way I can replace anything. But I’m not the only one with reduced finances.

  30. How lucky are you…and yes i would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, especially if a Magimix is on offer!

  31. Lucky you! I’ve been dreaming of owning one since ages… It’s my “when I grow up I want to own a magimix, and a kitchenaid, and a…etc etc.” usual blurb…

  32. sarah says

    I would love a Magimix!

    My mum bought one when my little brother was born (27 years ago) and it’s still going. It’s like a family institution now (along with the 50+year old AGA which has revived many a sickly young lamb)

    It broke down about 10 years ago but my Dad was able to fix it… which was both a very good thing and a not so good thing as my Mum had her eye on a new model (of Magimix, rather than husband) but she couldn’t justify buying a new one if hers was still working!

  33. Sue Vickers-Thompson says

    They are wonderful and make fabulous pastry, apart from all the other things they can do. Have fun – you will!

  34. Kiki says

    I have one remaining plug socket in my kitchen set aside for a Magimix.

  35. Well you certainly mix with the right crowd, Niamh! A Fairy Hobmother’s gift. That’s exactly the kind of magic I need in my kitchen, you know, one that’s easy on my hands and easy on the eye : )

  36. Doreen says

    I am a chef and I consult parents of special needs children who need to lose weight. With the focus of obesity effecting our youth, I believe children with challenges are overlooked. They too deserve to be healthy and eat well even if they don’t understand it. I think this would be a great tool to help me in my pursuit for helping a forgotten group of kids.

  37. James Steele says

    My wife so wants one of these to help her get her new business Chocapop off the ground. If you could see your way to giving us one I’m sure she will be pleased to send you some samples of her work!

  38. Jessica says

    I would be thrilled to win! I could make green smoothies, margaritas, fresh pasta, hummus, frosting for cakes, and so much more!

  39. This would come at the perfect time if I were to win, my crappy old blender has just given up on life and taken itself away to the dustbin with its stupid little tail between its legs.

  40. Please let me win a magimix,
    So I can make soups & sauces in a fix
    Or chop, dice and slice to my hearts content
    And all the new dishes I will invent!
    Scones, buns & pastries I will make
    May even do a lemon poppy seed cake
    Oh Fairy Hobmother please let it be me
    Then I will have no more disasters for my tea!

  41. Thelittleloaf says

    Dear fairy hobmother, please make my day and send me a beautiful magimix-if I win I promise to bake lots of delicious things, blog about them and send you some lovely pics!

  42. Colin says

    My wife emailed me this

    “go on – you are the lucky one
    win me a magimix

    I love this food blog – you should save it as favourite if you are looking for any inspiration for evening meals”

    So I have obeyed on all counts – love the blog!

  43. My pastry is legend in my family and they suffer now I can no longer produce the fine breadcrumb texture required! tendonitis in left wrist and shoulder problems prevent the baking fairy producing the goods-perhaps a hob fairy! could work some magic for me-rhubarb is so good at moment..love the blog. Enjoy your gift.

  44. Claire says

    Amazing prize Niamah and Fairy Hob Mother

    Would love a Magi mix as it would stop my callous hands from lots of dicing and chopping looking like pair of Fishwives hands !

  45. Food for Think says

    Due to the amount of comments already, I’m probably guaranteed NOT to win – but I’d love to!

  46. What a brilliant idea! I’ve heard very good things about MagiMix and I’m impressed by the kindliness of your fairy hobmother.

  47. hey cool prize. i’ve been drooling over these bad boys for years. the staff in BT’s get a weary look on their faces when i come up the escalator to visit the magimix section.

  48. Lucky you, getting a Magimix! And lucky blog reader who wins the competition…here’s hoping it’s me! : )

  49. Yum, What a combination..you will get great use out of this and some delicious treats will burst out of your kitchen.

  50. Jenny Poole says

    Try a little tenderness… and pick this comment. Savory scones, fresh margaritas, feta avocado salsa… the list goes on.

  51. Meera says

    Just thinking about the possibility of having a Magimix sends me into baking heaven.

    You put ingredients in and then, magic – out come deliciously tempting little somethings. Ooooh… cooking is rather magical.

    Fingers crossed…

  52. Jess says

    Oh goodness. If there was ever one thing I could steal from my mum’s kitchen it’d be her magimix. I’ve never been able to afford and desperately want one. No, strike that, need. :)

  53. Fiona says

    Ohhh I could soo do with this for my sisters home coming visit from oz and the hungry hoardes that will accompany her.. If I impress enough they might just decide to move home;-)

  54. paul says

    I am a rubbish (but ambitious) cook who would love a shiny new magimix to make me look sexy

  55. kate says

    A magimix is the ultimate cook’s dream appliance!! Enjoy yours (!) and as for me … I will keep dreaming (or stop spending all my money on ice cream makers and save up for one!)

  56. sarah w says

    Ooooh how lovely, I’d love to win – i’ve got very warms hands, but luckily a very warm heart to match :) x

  57. Lucy Ellis says

    I would love to win one as it would stop me saying I wish I had one every time I watch a cookery show on TV and it would stop annoying my boyfriend who tells me to save up and buy one every time I say it. I dream of having one in my kitchen and it would brighten up the work surface and would mean I could surprise my boyfriend with the most amazing dishes.

  58. Dear Fairy Hobmother, if I win this appliance, it’s going to do a lot of good as it will become a prize in my charity raffle in June in support of the Marine Conservation Society. You will be profusely thanked all over my company and I shall be selling more raffle tickets with this BIG prize on my list! Thank you :-)

  59. Nick A says

    I hope the Magimix finds a deserving home. Currently all I have is a butterknife and these moribund wrists, but I’m sure whoever wins will make just as good use of it as would this dying man. No pressure.

  60. Joanna says

    I’ve had my Magimix for about 20 yrs, and I love it, it works perfectly, although it looks it’s age, and I use it most days. My daughter has just moved into a house with a proper kitchen, she’s just starting to cook seriously, and she’s growing food in the windowboxes outside her bedroom windows.

    So I’d love to give your giveaway to her


  61. Woow very nice, Fairy Homother! That Magimix is great!
    Please tell me, is it a problem if i’m from another country?

  62. Garagad says

    If I win, I am going to throw a magimix party!! What this consists of that’s for me to know and you to find out …

  63. Karen says

    Hi Niamh,

    What’s so special about the Magimix, and how does it compare with other brands???

    Love the blog,

  64. I would love this as a present for my wife. She’s always wanted one and I think the gift would help her forget about my lapse of judgement with her sister.

  65. Sorry about the dublicate comment. I was told the first one could not be published but there it is! Apologies!

  66. Mmmmmm tasty treats. I’ve been on the hunt for an effective food processor after my little hand held wizard passed away in a delicious but poorly timed guacamole disaster recently.

    I promise, if I’m picked, I will treat it with as many lovely sauce experiments, soups, dips, gravies, medleys and broths as my ever increasing foodie belly will allow.

  67. pinteresque says

    Please, Fairy Hobmother, make my fiancee’s dream come true (and subsequently make me a very contented pie lover)!

  68. Karen says

    Hi Niamh,

    What’s so special about the Magimix, and how does it compare with other brands???

    Love the blog,

  69. Sophie says

    My Mum, who is a wonderful wonderful cook has to hold her old trusty magimix together and get my dad to press the button as it has been so well used! The bowl must be pressed down and the lid welded together with ones fingers! Would love to win this to give to her as she would absolutely love it, and more selfishly would make me yummy things! I could get her to make you yummy things too…!

  70. Deirdre says

    A great idea indeed and would love if the fairy hobmother would send a magimix across the Irish sea for my new kitchen ! my own appliance has died and I need a magmix badly…love eat like a girl x

  71. Jayne Leckie says

    Wow! It’s my birthday on Friday and winning would make my day!

  72. Oh would luv luv luv a magimix, haven’t got one yet, would be a super duper belated Easter Pressie!! Vick xx

  73. Wow Pick moi.
    I want an appliance!!!! preferably a magimix and not a smoothie maker or something equally as useless hehehe

  74. Oh I’d love a Magimix. I am like you and would love to make pastry but my hands always seem to be too warm and I’ve been meaning to get a Magimix for some time!

  75. lisbet diemer says

    it’s my birthday on friday 29, make it my present, and I shall not ask for more…. it is all I want, all I need, please!

  76. Jellynbubble says

    My fingers, toes and everything are crossed – i would love to win! please!

  77. simon says

    I need one of those bad boys for my kitchen, had my eye on one for ages but Wifey won’t let me

  78. adam meek says


    i want one as all i have at the moment is one of those crappy hand held ones and making things like fallafel and hummus for the kids is a real pain in the bum when you dont have a processor…

    thank you in advance! i will send pics after of the little blighters with chocolate faces….

  79. ginandcrumpets says

    Ooh, an appliance. As yet I haven’t pushed my housemate to despair over my collection of Really Useful Gadgets. Could this be the one that tips her over the edge? Could be/

  80. Mary says

    So many great comments! I’d love this but wouldn’t win an arguement usually but still….good luck to me!!!!

  81. Liz says

    I promise it won’t be one of those appliances that ends up on the top of my kitchen cupboard. Pick me!! Xx

  82. Meister @ The Nervous Cook says

    Mega-mixing the heck out of things sounds great! Thanks for having a giveaway.

  83. tyelperion says

    I have this magimix – it is truly excellent, highly recommended! I’d love to win another appliance…

  84. Jen says

    I have the same problem as you. Warm hands = rubbish pastry. With a Magimix, I could concoct the pies and pasties I yearn for!

  85. Sally says

    WOW! Good giveaway, and a great name… I hope I win, I have no processor!

  86. What a good tool to whip up some thick mince (from a nice piece of aged chuck steak) and create some lovely, thick BBQ burgers…

  87. Willie Lebus says

    What a bit of Royal Easter Magic. I’ll a mayonnaise myself with a stunning magimix. YUM!

  88. Lucy says

    I just asked Santa for a magimix the other day. Christmas is so far away. And in the kitchen i would like to play

  89. Corkonian says

    I’d really like a gas cooker. Since I moved 5 years ago I’ve had an old electric cooker and it just isn’t as good as cooking on a gas hob.

  90. Maureen says

    Have a Magimix for over 20 years. It’s fantastic but would love updated version. Thanks :)

  91. Guy says

    I would love one. I owuld treat it with great disrespect and be generally wary of its PR trickery. I would, however, secretly love it to pieces.

  92. Shelly says

    Ooh I’d love to win this!! Also love pastry but cursed with warm hands.

    My food processor gave up the ghost, it coughed out a puff of smoke and hasn’t worked since! I can’t afford a new one and this one would pretty much solve everything!

  93. curlywurlyfi says

    I’ve had my Magimix since I was at uni so it’s knocking on 22 years old. Well done thou good + faithful servant, but it’s on its last safety clip! I would utterly love a new one.

  94. Jan Webb says

    I would love and cherish it! I’ve never had one and something else always breaks and needs replacing before I get to buy one.

  95. Tessa says

    Being a student with £10 to your name doesn’t accommodate a budget for a magimix! If I won this bad boy, not only would I be the happiest girl in the world, my boyfriend wouldn’t have to listen to me going on about how much I want one! It would also brighten up revision in the library on a hot summers day! :) good luck everyone

  96. Lindsay says

    I could do with a visit from my Fairy Hobmother before I make my best friends wedding cake – seemed like a good idea, but with less than 2 months to go nerves are setting in!!

  97. Lucie says

    a visit from the fairy hobmother would be just marvellous! Can’t quite imagine all the glorious things I could make if I did have a Magimix…Love the blog Niamh x

  98. Now a Magimix is on my dream kitchen list and when we finally move house I’ll have room for one!

  99. Tracey says

    Oh please! I use magimix in my day job as a proper cook. They are superb. It would be fantastic to have one at home so that I can create wonderful dishes there too!

  100. Sandy Hemsher says

    I had a fairygodfather! He bought me every conceivable small appliance known to man. Last year he passed away and I like to think he is somewhere creating our next kitchen and stocking it with everything! Most of my best memories revolve around food, friends, and our kitchen. I would love a new Magimix, just wish he was here to try it too!

  101. Unlike all my friends who’ve gotten married, I’ve never received nice appliances that someone else has purchased for me from my gift registry – which is exactly where my dream appliances sit… on a list… in my mind. Please, be MY fairy hobmother?

  102. Fairy Hobmother, please help me
    become the best cook that I can be
    A Magimix is one of a kind –
    I’ve heard about it & it blows my mind!
    Please send me one out, all the way downunder –
    I’ll promote so much business, it’lll leave you struck with wonder!

  103. Louise says

    I would love to win this and pass it on to a friend who gets married this Friday (and her name is not Kate). This would be one gadget she would love!

  104. Victoria says

    I follow this blog for a while now, and never commented. But here the temptation is too much! So thank you for your effort, and fingers crossed I will be picked :)

  105. Charlie H says

    Love your blog, keep it up.

    Would also love to win the appliance!

  106. Lindsay says

    Like other readers I have childhood memories of watching my Grandmother and mother’s Magimix machines whizz around to create wonderful food. To win one would be brilliant timing as I’m moving into my new house in a few weeks after spending 6 months with my in-laws after returning from NZ. I can’t wait to get my own kitchen and get cooking again!

  107. Louise says

    I would love one! Only just moved into my new flat and still struggling along with a fork and weedy arm muscles!

  108. Wow. Would be amazing to win. Been eyeing one for over a year but not able to afford one. Crossing fingers. If I win I’ll have to throw a party :-)

  109. Lucy M. says

    It is finally farmer’s market season here in “the cuse”. I would love this! Pick me and I will make you proud!

  110. Zoe says

    Me please! Have been looking at them longingly for years, but can’t afford it. I’m sure it would take my cooking to another level…

  111. Have watched this marketing campaign with interest, they are certainly smart cookies at Appliances Online! Good luck everyone.

  112. Oh I’d love an ice-cream maker! Not sure if this is just for Magimix, but hoping Fairy Hobmother counts Ice-cream makers as white goods! Hope you are loving Barcelona x

  113. Pauline Rendell says

    I would really love this Magimix too! I really would love one to help with my cooking!

  114. Pauline Rendell says

    Please delete above comment with email address thanks

  115. Pauline Rendell says

    I would love a Magimix to help with my cooking! I really really need one!

  116. Ma'ayan says

    Now that I moved , this would make a great addition to my kitchen.

  117. I’m late on this one, but this is a freebie I can definitely get behind. I bought a really cheap food processor when I first moved to London (thinking I’d live here for just a year), but now it’s five + years and I’d love to have something more quality and permanent for my kitchen. : )

  118. Maria says

    Fairy Hobmother make my dreams come true,
    Only a Magimix will do.

    I’ve tried your rivals, they don’t compare.
    Help me make Fairy cakes, lighter than air.

    My fledgling new business, needs to get off the ground.
    Please grant me my wish, make a choice that’s sound.

  119. Lee says

    I’ve never cooked a damn thing in my entire life, but with one of these little beauties I’d finally have the motivation I need to follow my food dream!

  120. A magimix would be great, no more chopping by hand and I will no longer be put off trying out different recipes.

  121. Thanks Niamh – I got a wee gift from The Fairy Hobmother as a result of this post. :-)

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