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Barcelona Food Markets

When in Barcelona and looking for a market, everyone goes to the Boqueria. And so they should. It’s a wonderful market, buzzing, lively and full of energy.

Often ignored by the traveller though is the everyday food market, San Antonio Market near the Universitat. The customers are mainly locals shopping for their daily produce. I didn’t see another tourist there the morning that I visited.

The San Antonio market has all that the Boqueria has, in an ordered controlled way. It has little tapas bars as the Boqueria does, granted not as many. It is not rammed (the Boqueria is always packed) and has everything you could possibly want. It has less of an international focus – the Boqueria stocks everything you could imagine – and if you’re in Spain, it is surely Spanish food you are after.

So, I would ensure that you do both. If you don’t like crowds the Boqueria will drive you crazy, but it is worth an explore and a stop off for tapas. Go to the San Antonio Market to buy food to bring home and to enjoy the tapas in a stress free manner. Mainly, go to experience markets in Spain as they really are.

San Antonio Market:



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  1. Yes, I agree. The one in our barrio – Barceloneta – is similarly less crowded and more relaxing. All the visitors on the way to the beach seem to ignore it, and the prices are good!

  2. Nice post, and nice pictures. Brings back memories of my last time in Barcelona. Went to Boqueria, which is very nice, but made the mistake of having lunch in one of the tapas bars there. Full of locals, we thought it’d be great. It’s the most disgusting lunch I have ever had in my entire life, the memories of those greasy, reheated tapas still make me shiver!

  3. Sant Antoni is my local market and has everything you need but lacks the charm of the Boqueria. I also especially love the open air vegetable stalls at the side of the Boqueria which stock produce from local farms and allotments.
    That said Sant Antoni will come into it’s own when it returns to it’s old location which is currently being renovated. The iron work and interior rivals the Boqueria.
    If you can try and get to Santa Caterina market also and see the ancient monastery remains under it.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in this wonderful city!

    • Thanks so much although I am already back in London. I was perplexed as to why there was so much international food at the Boqeueria and it’s just that bit too touristy for me. I do like it but prefer a local spot.

  4. We stayed in an apartment about two blocks from La Sagrada Familia. There was a covered market at the end of our block so we were able to self-cater for breakfast and lunches.

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