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A Postcard from New Brunswick

Greetings once again from Canada! This time from New Brunswick where I have been on a food trip. We started the weekend foraging for those fiddleheads that I love. We sped along the river to a little island where the ostrich ferns had just peeped their heads up. We snapped the heads off and bagged them for soup, dinner and jarring later.

Violent, me? Only with fiddleheads. Other highlights are listed below with, as always, more details soon.

Flying to New Brunswick on a teeny tiny plane

Who knew?! I am the tiny speck at the bottom

Foraging for fiddlehads in Doaktown, New Brunswick

Expert fiddlehead forager, Brian

We picked these! 40lb of fiddleheads

Cara (Gourmet Chick) and I with our fiddleheads

Stuffed predator

Covered bridge in New Brunswick

Making jam with Darleene at The Jam Shack (and trying her secret recipe burger sauce!)

Blackberry scones with strawberry jam & cream at (another) Darleene's Tea House


4lb lobster

Lobster Fisherman Teddy

Boat in Acadian colours outside an Acadian house

Moose Bolognese




  1. Moose bolognese – who’da thought? Those fiddleheads look great, so ancient. Had never heard of them before you mentioned them. Enjoy the remaining time.

    • Thanks Ailbhe! Very nice indeed. Interestingly it was preserved/jarred. Very common here and done very well. Lovely! The fiddleheads are superb. Still trying to locate them in the UK.

  2. Lovely. Went foraging for fiddleheads in Japan. Tons and fun. Yours look prettier though.

    What does moose taste like?

  3. My goodness Niamh, I’m from New Brunswick and didn’t think anyone ever travelled there… the small planes are a bit of a deterrent. I spent a good part of my childhood foraging for fiddleheads, Its one of the things I miss living in London not to mention cheap lobster.

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